5 Tips Before Choosing Floors

Time to Get New Flooring Installed?

Does the flooring in your home need to be replaced?  Is it because of warn out old floors that are no longer functional in your home?  More often than not we replace floors because they no longer look good to you.  Maybe it’s dated and makes your house look older than it really is. Maybe it smells bad or looks scratched or feels dingy.  Or maybe it just no longer fits with the “style” you want for your space. When it comes to choosing new floors for your home, it is important to consider the various design elements at play that will affect the look and feel of those floors.

5 Tips Before Choosing Ideal Flooring

  1. Lighting— The light from the sun contains the full visible spectrum that our eyes can see. Remember Mr. ROY G. BIV? If the colors are there, each will show in the full spectrum provided by the sun. Natural daylight is typically quite bright, white and rather cool – think of a white t-shirt on a bright sunny afternoon versus sitting in the warm glow of a campfire. How a color looks in a room depends on the amount of daylight present. Some questions to consider: how many windows does the room have? What direction do they face? Will the western sun be strong and directional throughout the afternoon, casting clear shadows? Or are you in a room with northern exposure, and weaker, more diffuse light throughout the day?  The answers to these questions will be important in determining the best floor for your space.
  2. Color Companions–Color has a huge impact on how your floors might look.  Color is quite sensitive. It will change its appearance based on surrounding hues. Cherry cabinets may highlight green tones in the granite countertop that you just didn’t notice before. A carpet that looks silver in our showroom could very well look blue against your honey oak trim.  Whether it’s carpet or wood, it’s important to see how a product complements the colors in your walls, furniture, cabinets and window coverings.
  3. Pattern—We often have different patterns throughout our homes, in our furniture, drapes, countertops, and even in our cabinets.  Patterns in flooring can either complement or contrast with existing patterns depending on the type of flooring and the layout. They can also affect the how large or small a room feels.  Pattern in a carpet, especially on stairs can add a new design element to a room and have a true artistic value if chosen correctly. Wood or wood looks can also create unique and fun patterns depending on layout.
  4. Scale—Scale is the relationship of size between two objects and is hugely important in designing a space, and particularly when it comes to flooring.  People often express concern about using large format tiles in smaller spaces out of fear of making a small space look even smaller. There are no hard and fast rules on scaling, but you can often actually make a space look bigger with the larger formats.  Larger formats and widths are extremely popular right now and ceiling height, size of room, cabinets, furniture and windows can all help in determining how those larger sizes will look in your space.
  5. Lines—We often have so many different lines in our homes that we don’t even pay attention to but can be important in determining the right kind of flooring for your space.  It’s important to note how wood floors or a linear carpet will look with your existing horizontal and vertical lines made by cabinets, windows, and walls. That linear carpet can look gorgeous in the right space but maybe not so much with the lines or pattern in your sofa or window coverings.  

Whats Next?

Taking design elements into consideration when choosing flooring for your home will ensure that you can have a look and feel that you love for years to come.  At Graham’s Flooring and Design, our model of designing and consulting in your space enables us to take all of these factors into consideration when recommending the right product.  Determining what each particular product looks like with your lighting and colors, along with existing patterns, the size of your space and the lines and shapes that already exist is what sets us apart from the rest.  Give us a call today to set up a time for that consultation. We love partnering with you!

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