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Dog on laminate flooring

Pet-Friendly Flooring Options

We love our four-legged friends! However, our pets can do a number on our floors. Pet nails bang up flooring, pet accidents are tough to remove completely and shedded hair means plenty of cleaning. The good news is that there are plenty of flooring options that can hold up to the wear and tear from your pets. If you’re planning on replacing flooring in the near future, there are flooring…

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Black and white tiled bathroom

4 Ways to Make a Big Impact with Bold Tile

Some people prefer neutral colors, but others prefer spicing up their homes with bold colors and lively patterns. For a big impact that’s on trend, choose a bold, colorful floor tile in bathrooms, kitchens or laundry rooms.  Funky Patterns Tiles come in so many different patterns! Or, create a floor pattern on your own using tiles (herringbone, chevron, etc.). You can get patterns in all sorts of patterns and colors.…

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Luxury vinyl tile being installed.

LVT Explained

If you’re shopping for new flooring, you’ve likely heard about LVT. What in the world is LVT flooring? LVT stands for luxury vinyl tile, which is a tiled version of luxury vinyl sheet flooring. Vinyl flooring gets a bad rap, but its appearance and quality has improved a ton over the years and deserves another look! Plus, LVT has some amazing benefits.  Unimpacted by Moisture LVT resembles ceramic, hardwood or…

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CarpetPad 840x424 - 4 Types of Carpet Pads

4 Types of Carpet Pads

Choosing new carpet for your home is exciting! New carpet instantly gives your home a fresh new look. There are so many available fibers, colors, patterns and styles! Did you know that you also have different carpet pads to choose from as well? People talk about different types of carpet, but you might not be as aware of the different types of carpet pads. Don’t worry...we’ll navigate through different carpet…

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Carpet Installation Fort Collins Loveland

Hidden Costs in “Free” Carpet Installation

Some stores advertise free installation, which can seem like a great deal! However, look for hidden costs that make the “free installation” worthwhile to the big box store. We’ll cover common hidden costs and questions to ask before committing to “free installation” of your new flooring.  Installers  You want to ensure that your carpet will be installed correctly--even if it’s a “free installation” deal. Ask about the company’s relationship with…

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Team at Graham's

Meet the Design Team

Let's get to know the amazing Graham's Flooring & Design Team! Andrea and Kevin (Owners) In late 2014, Kevin and Andrea took over as owners of Graham’s Flooring & Design. They wanted to own a business where they could positively impact their community as well as building lasting relationships. Kevin enjoys working with customers and helping guide them through their projects and seeing the stunning transformation. He also loves working…

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Coffee on laminate floor

4 Laminate Flooring Benefits

Tom’s working from home at his dining table and sipping his morning coffee. Suddenly, Tom’s dog Tank flies through the kitchen chasing the cat toward the dining room. Bootsie the cat jumps up on the table to escape and ends up spilling coffee all over the floor. Luckily, Tom has laminate flooring in his dining room and doesn’t have to worry about the spilled coffee staining his floors or getting…

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Fort Collins Bathroom

6 Bathroom Trends in 2020

Bathrooms show their age, and sometimes that’s a good thing, but most of the time, it’s not. Do you want to update one of your bathrooms, but need some inspiration? Here are some popular bathroom trends to check out!  Color Whether it’s a boldly-tiled backsplash, a brightly painted accent wall or a splash of color in the shower, color is a bathroom trend that’s likely to continue. If you’re feeling…

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Laminate flooring at home

One Family’s Flooring Transformation

Now, more than ever, we truly appreciate our customers and enjoy helping customers improve their homes. We love hearing about how new flooring has transformed their living space and impacted their personal lives.  One Family's Flooring Story For example, one customer’s family had several members who suffered from extreme asthma and allergies. Much of the main floor was carpeted, which aggravated some existing health issues for two family members. The…

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AdobeStock 216902237 840x424 - Tile Backsplash Trends

Tile Backsplash Trends

If you want a tile backsplash that’s more unique than classic subway tiles, we have some inspirational ideas! Tile comes in so many materials, styles and colors so your kitchen can reflect your unique style and taste. Here are some backsplash trends to get your creative juices flowing.  Large Tiles or Slabs  Backsplashes are getting bigger! Newer trends include larger tile slabs, bigger subway tiles and backsplashes that extend all…

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