Rug Flooring

How A Rug Can Make A Room

For anyone who loves their hardwood floors or has carpet that they feel needs some accent points. An area or floor rug can be just what you need to make your room pop and provide the aesthetics you are looking for out of your floor. Area rugs help create zones in your living room or family room and it can help create a sense or organization for those open floor plans. We sell custom area rugs of any size and with any carpet product that we carry.

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The Benefits Of Area Rugs

An area rug can vastly impact a floor or make a room really come together. An area rug, helps prevent stains on your carpet and hardwood, as well as, provide a great alternative if you aren’t quite ready to replace your entire carpet. Area rugs create an additional cushion for your comfort, and also are beneficial for little ones that are running around the house. If they ever take a spill on an area of the room that is covered with an area rug, it may help soften the landing during their tumble. The benefits of an area rug go far beyond just having more material on the floor and we encourage anyone who is looking for that extra touch in their home to consider an area rug.

Custom Binding and Backing

 We do custom binding, most often for custom rugs. Customers can take an existing piece of carpet and have the edges bound and surged to make a rug of any size. The process usually takes about one week from the time the product is made available.   

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