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When it comes to buying carpet for our home or rental, most people are on a budget. So when a store promises free installation, it can be very appealing. But are you really getting that installation for free? Is that installer volunteering his or her time to put your carpet in? Is the store paying the installer and not making any money on that? The answer to all of the above questions is probably not.

 Carpet installation cost is usually a bit more complicated than it seems. At Graham’s Flooring and Design, we are always very up front and honest about all of our charges. Our estimates include a line item for each installation charge we have, and there are no hidden costs or fees.

 We use the latest technology in measuring your space and planning the layout of your carpet to ensure the highest level of durability and cost effectiveness. We will assist you in choosing the best pad for your carpet, and will work with you on what carpet will be best for your needs. And we can do all of this from the comfort of your own home or space.   Give us a call today to help you with your Fort Collins Carpet.

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Hardwood Floor Installation, Carpet Installation, and Much More

At Graham’s Flooring & Design, we provide hardwood floor installation, carpet installation, and vinyl flooring installation for homeowners. We have a long list of satisfied clients that we have worked with for years, and a reputation for ensuring they get exactly the flooring they are looking for. However, our residential work is just the beginning. We also provide services for businesses, property management companies, and builders.   

Services for All Your Quality Flooring Needs

If you have commercial, property management, or new construction flooring needs, we can help:   

Commercial Flooring We make installing or upgrading commercial flooring easy. Our wide variety of high quality flooring options, installation expertise, and scheduling flexibility ensure that you can get the floor covering you need, on time and within budget. If needed, we’re happy to have a project manager or designer available onsite to oversee your installation.    

Property Management Our team has extensive experience working on rental properties. We know how to make carpet installation quick and efficient so that your operations and your residents aren’t inconvenienced. The same goes for hardwood installation or any other type of flooring. And tight turnarounds or modest budgets are no problem as well.  

New Construction We have a beautiful showroom where your clients can enjoy the product selection process in comfort with the assistance of our expert designers. And when it comes to integrating our flooring installation into your construction timeline, our flexibility makes it simple to schedule us around other tasks as appropriate.   

Financing the Perfect Flooring  We also offer financing assistance through Synchrony Financial. If you’d like to explore this option, just let us know. We’re happy to provide you with all the details so you know whether financing is right for you.    

At Graham’s Flooring, we’re a favorite of homeowners. But, we work with businesses as well. So, the next time you’re looking into hardwood floor installation, carpet installation, or any other type of flooring, give us a call or stop by our store. We’ll show you samples of the high quality products we install and provide details on our installation services. We look forward to seeing you!  

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The Many Advantages of Vinyl Flooring


If the term “vinyl flooring” brings up memories of the old, unsightly version that your parents or grandparents had in their home, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you see how far it’s come. Available in multiple forms including sheets and tiles, vinyl flooring is as versatile as it is beautiful.    

Here are some of its many advantages:   

Ease of installation. Installation by a professional installer is quick and efficient, minimizing the inconvenience on you and your family. 

A wide variety of options. Vinyl comes in an array of designs, textures, and colors. There are even vinyls that mimic the look and feel of stone, wood, and other materials. It’s safe to say that regardless of your decor, there is a vinyl product that will complement it beautifully. 

Ease of maintenance. Vinyl flooring is simple to take care of. All that’s required is sweeping up any dust or dirt that accumulates and damp mopping with an approved vinyl cleaning solution to clean up stains.  

Affordability. The cost per square foot of vinyl flooring tends to be far below that of other types of flooring. There is, of course, variation between the entry-level vinyl and the premium materials, but even at the high end it’s a very cost-effective flooring option. 

Durability. When properly installed and maintained, vinyl stands up well to traffic and can last for decades. 

Comfort. Vinyl flooring doesn’t get as cold as some other materials in the winter and is relatively soft underfoot. In fact, some types have a padded layer that makes them that much more comfortable to walk or stand on.  

Water and stain defense. Vinyl’s water- and stain-resistant properties make it a great option for bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.  

So, forget what you may have learned about vinyl flooring years ago and take another look. Call us or come by and we’ll show you some truly gorgeous samples. We can also talk with you about your design goals and the installation process. Vinyl may just be the perfect flooring for you!   

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Should Laminate Flooring be the King of your Castle?


Of  all the words searched on google related to flooring, the number one  word is Laminate. Why is that? Is that really the most popular flooring  used in America today? It might be, but it might also be that there is a  lot of confusion out there about what is actually laminate flooring.  Any kind of floor covering that is not carpet is typically referred to  as a “hard surface”. Hard surfaces include laminate, but also include  wood, tile, resilient flooring (ie. Vinyl), and luxury vinyl tile. And  even the wood category includes solid hardwood and engineered hardwood,  prefinished and sand and finish. With so much confusion about them all,  we have compiled a description of these different types of hard surfaces  so that you can decide which one is best for you.   

Laminate—Laminate  flooring has the look and feel of real wood flooring without consisting  of any actual “hard” wood. It is made up generally of four layers. A  backing to protect the product from moisture, a medium or high density  fiberboard that provides the basic structure of the product, the design  layer, which is a picture of the “wood” it is intended to look like, and  a wear layer. It is installed by clicking together the individual  pieces of laminate and is “floated” on the floor, meaning that it is not  glued or stapled to the sub-floor. The pros to laminate are that it can  be incredible durable and resistant to scratches and scuffs that wood  is often susceptible to. It is also relatively easy to install and can  mask some problem areas with a less than perfect subfloor. It tends to  cost less than a hardwood floor. The cons include the sound it can make  because it is floating, and it requires more additional “transition”  pieces to hide the required gap around the edges of the floor. Depending  on the density of the core, it can be more or less susceptible to  moisture. 

Engineered Hardwood—Engineered  wood is a thin layer of hard wood glued on top of several thin layers  of a composite wood, usually glued together perpendicular to one  another, making engineered wood more stable than a solid hardwood.  Engineered wood comes in every species of wood that you might find a  solid hard wood. The pros to engineered wood include the stability which  makes it less likely to show gapping than a solid hard wood, and less  susceptible to humidity in a home. It can tend to be less expensive than  solid wood, and can be installed in a variety of different ways,  lending itself to be installed in locations that solid wood can not. The  cons are that there are so many different levels of quality. The  thicker engineered woods can be resanded, but the thinner ones can not.  It is more prone to “face checking” or tiny cracks in the face of the  wood, and are susceptible to water. While engineered wood and laminate  have many similar features, engineered wood has real wood on top and can  be floated or glued or stapled down. 

Luxury Vinyl Tile/Plank  (LVT)—This product is different from sheet vinyl and can closely  resemble real wood or tile for a fraction of the cost. Like laminate,  LVT consists of 4 layers, the vinyl backing, the vinyl color layer, the  picture, and the urethane coating on top (WFCA). It is different from  laminate in that it is glued to the floor. It comes in a wide range of  looks and levels of quality and can be used both in residential and  commercial settings. Some of the tile products can even be grouted to  give it more of a “true” tile look. It’s pros are that it is  inexpensive, relatively easy to install, very water resistant and looks  amazing. The biggest con is that the subfloor needs to be pretty flat  and so underlayment or preparing the sub-floor can increase the cost. It  also can have problems with denting or scratching when things are  rolled or dragged across it, but the products that have higher wear  layers can help with this.

Solid Core Vinyl Plank—This  is a relatively new product with the benefits of both laminate and  vinyl. It is made of a solid vinyl core that is waterproof and has a  locking system much like laminate so it “floats” on the floor. Pros to  this product are that it can be installed without an underlayment much  like laminate but is extremely water resistant so is great for  bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens. It has all the best features of  laminate and vinyl. The main con to this product is that it is a bit  more expensive than vinyl, which can often be offset by not needing the  underlayment. A great new up and coming product.   Hopefully you  now have a better idea of which product is best for you and your  setting. There are so many different products out there and have varying  levels of quality which work in different settings. Call us and we can  help you determine the most beneficial product for your individual  needs.      

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Is it Time to Consider Hardwood Floor Installation?


If you’ve been asking yourself for a while now whether it’s time to consider hardwood floor installation, that’s a pretty good sign that the answer is “Yes!” And who could blame you? There are so many things to love about hardwood, including:   

Easy cleaning. Hardwood flooring is simple to keep clean. Regular vacuuming, occasional mopping, spill wipe-ups as necessary and your floor will continue to look as good as the day it was installed for years and years to come. 

Fast installation. When performed by experienced experts like ours, hardwood floor installation is a very straightforward process. In no time you can have the gorgeous hardwood floors you’ve dreamed of. 

Timeless beauty. There’s a reason that hardwood floors haven’t changed much in their appearance in the hundreds of years that they’ve been in use. They are simply beautiful! Yes, plank widths have varied, and stain colors change with the times, but the hardwood floor you install today will still be impressing future owners of your home decades and decades from now. 

Strength and durability. As noted above, hardwood floors last and last. They hold up under the most challenging conditions and continue to look great with minimal care. 

Variety. Hardwood floors come in a wide range of colors and grains, and can be installed in many different patterns. 

Great indoor air quality. Hardwood floors don’t trap pollen, dust, animal dander, or other particles so they are the perfect choice if someone in your family has allergies.   

Let’s Talk Hardwood   

When you’re ready to get serious about hardwood, we’re happy to share our thoughts on flooring options and hardwood floor installation for your home or business. Give us a call. Or better yet, stop by and see us. We can show you our incredible selection of hardwoods and talk about the details of your project.  

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Ceramic Floor Tile: The Ultimate in Beauty and Durability


Walk into a home with ceramic floor tile and its beauty immediately catches your eye. “Oh, they have tile floors!” is a comment a homeowner will often hear from a first-time visitor. At Graham’s Flooring & Design, we feel the same way.   

Ceramic floor tile is an incredibly versatile flooring option, with a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors. And while it gives a home a decidedly upscale look, there are options to meet virtually any budget. We love working with it because it allows our artistic side to really come through! There are so many ways that ceramic floor tile can be used to create gorgeous patterns.    

Customers love the designs we craft and also the fact that tile is very durable. A floor installed today is easy to maintain and will look great for years and years to come. Ceramic floor tile is highly resistant to scratching and performs beautifully when exposed to heat and moisture, which makes it great for bathrooms and kitchens. It also shrugs off spills, dirt, and heavy foot traffic, so it’s ideal for homes where there are children and/or pets.    

But ceramic tile isn’t just about floors! It can be used to create a stunning look for fireplaces, shower and bath surrounds, and backsplashes. Once you see a home with a well-designed tile accent in place, you’ll never look at your bare walls the same way again!    

What would it be like to have ceramic floor tile in your home? The best way to find out is to come in and talk with us. We can discuss designs, the installation process, and pricing. Whether you’re thinking about making the move to tile now or down the road, it’s helpful to know what your options are. Stop by and let’s brainstorm about your next project.   

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Get The Look Of Hardwood For A Fraction Of The Cost With Laminate Flooring


Everyone wants brand new hardwood in their homes, but did you know that some of the best laminate flooring available is more scratch & dent resistant than a typical hardwood floor? That is why we offer wood laminate flooring, here at Graham’s Flooring & Design. We want you to have the look you want in your home without breaking the bank. That’s why we highly recommend laminate flooring for your next flooring upgrade.

Laminate flooring can imitate any hardwood design that you may have previously wanted. Some of the top laminate designs on the market include Birch Wood, Maison French Oak, Maple, Reclaimed Wood and Barn Plank. If you’re looking for flooring with a bit more color or sheen, laminate flooring comes in styles such as supergloss, plank, metallic gray, violet and blue.   

We only carry the best laminate flooring and the highest quality through our providers and vendors here at Graham’s and we make sure that the wood laminate flooring is installed correctly. We want your new floor to last a lifetime and be a floor that you are happy with aesthetically, so you can show it off to your friends and family.   

Come by our store in Loveland if you have any questions and we can do a free in-home consultation and measure your rooms for you. We look forward to hearing from you and earning your business as well!  

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High Quality Fort Collins Carpet For Your Home!


Do you need to get the carpet installation cost for a brand new expansion on your house? Or, do you need to find a Fort Collins carpet provider to simply replace some carpet that has seen better days? If you need carpet for either one of these reasons, then we’re your one-stop shop here at Graham’s Flooring & Design.  

Our top-of-the-line Fort Collins carpet selections will give you the look and feel you are looking for in your home improvement. We have multiple styles available for you, such as a patterned carpet, Berber (or loop) style, textured carpet, and even Saxony carpet. All of these selections come in an assortment of colors and designs, so you’ll be sure to find exactly what you like. Plus, you’ll get the best carpet installation cost available.

In addition to selecting the right carpet, it is important to have the correct padding installed, as well. We’ll help you make sure you’re selecting the padding that is appropriate for not only the room, but also the feel you want underneath your feet. We offer waffle rubber, urethane foam, bonded urethane, flat rubber, and fiber cushion for all of your padding needs.

If you are in the market for new carpet, then make sure you take a look at Graham’s Flooring & Design. We can get you the carpet you’ve been looking for!

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8 Must Buy Home Staging Accessories


Are you ready to sell your home? Are you looking for ways to spruce up and add pizazz for potential buyers (without breaking the bank)? These 8 tips will help give your house that extra “wow” factor for potential buyers.  

1. Cushions – These accessories are a great way to update a room by adding both texture and pop of color.  

2. Rugs – A large, deep rug can warm up a room and also add style. Grahams Flooring and Design offers a variety of custom rug options, please call us and set up a complimentary consultation!  

3. Fruit and Flowers – Use large rimmed vases or big glass bowls to display fruit in your kitchen. This is a great way to add a splash of color. Also, simple flower arrangements for your dining or kitchen tables smell great and add finishing touches.  

4. Toiletries – Get the good higher end toiletries, such as hand soaps, lotions, and bath salts. You can purchase travel sized bottles at reasonable prices.   

5. New bedding – You will want to update at least the master bedroom, but stay away from loud garish or floral patterns. Adding a good quality throw and decorative pillows is also a good idea. Try plain bedding with tasteful cushions and throws for additional bedrooms.  

6. Towels – Used Towels don’t ever look the same as brand new ones. Treat your home to gorgeous new towels, and make sure no one uses them! They are for show only!  

7. Atmosphere – Soft music and subtle fragrances are nice finishing touches. Soothing background music makes buyers want to linger, and scented candles (vanilla or cinnamon – are clean inviting fragrances) just make sure they are not overpowering.  

8. Cleaning floors - Getting your flooring cleaned before showing is a must, not only does it leave your house looking refreshed, but it can give new life to your carpet. There are several places to shop in the Fort Collins and Loveland areas with great deals on these items.    

(Source: Sam Ashdown)      

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2017 Color Trends/Product Trends


2017 looks to be heading toward an interesting and evolving design path. Our  Sales team had the privilege of attending The International Surface  Event in Las Vegas, and here’s what they brought back!

The three big designer trends are carrying us forward with relevant colors, considered design, and key textures.

'Rewired  Humanity’ shows how we as humans are being rewired as we connect (and  disconnect) from our devices and one another; the surfaces are moving  toward soft touch textures, satin finishes to create a quiet glow,  metallic and metallic washes over wood, and ‘smart’ (sustainable)  materials. Color trends are yellow symbolizing growth and energy; warm  greys bring contrast with hard metals and have a rustic urban aesthetic;  electric and cobalt blue represent technology; and mid-range, muted  orange representing all humanity. Concrete flooring and large – format  tile (12” X 24” and even 36” X 36” tiles) would be materials in  alignment with this trend.

‘Quietude’, a way to quiet the noise  and stress of our busy days, the need to turn everything off and ‘have a  moment’ to connect back to ourselves. The emerging materials are more  rounded, smooth, and easy to maneuver around. Matte sheen, almost  powdered, shimmering finishes and transparent or semi-transparent  layering. While calming hues of soft white, muted greys, browns and  beiges suggest skin seen through a veil. Misted blues and greens as  nature emerging in the fog, yellow as pale as the first ray of morning  sunshine, and subtle lilacs and rose tones take on mystic auras.  Reclaimed wood flooring, cork, and hardwood all are representative of  this softer side of flooring.

‘Rainbow Bright ‘displays our  craving for motivation and excitement. As a beautiful demonstration from  nature, rainbows introduce colors of joy, suggest youthful innocence,  and a hint at a pot of gold waiting at the end. Surfaces are full of  shine and polish, multiple textures, and layering materials. In the  trending color palette is a rainbow spectrum of all colors, crisp whites  add balance and brightness, turquoise representing a water element, and  Gold metallic symbolizes forward thinking. Colors are not garishly  bright, but remain cheerful. I think of cut-and- loop carpet in bold  colors and patterns, also luxury vinyl providing the look of bold  texture with photo imagery.

What to look for this year will be  larger tiles, reclaimed wood and hardwood flooring, as well as more color/patterns in cut and loop carpet. For stairs think accent patterns  that pop and provide focal points of interest!

Source: Mark Woodman (Design + Color)