Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which is the best kind of flooring for my home?

Our staff are experts and can help you determine the best kind of flooring for your lifestyle, space, and budget.

What is the difference between nylon and polyester carpet?
These are two different fibers that make up the majority of todays carpets. Polyester carpet tends to be less expensive and very stain resistant, but more susceptible to crushing and matting. Nylon carpet is more durable to the crushing and generally lasts longer but tends to come at a higher price point.
How quickly can you schedule an installation?
We can generally install as quickly as we can get a product in, typically within a week or two. We also carry several in stock carpets and luxury vinyl plank products that we can install within a few days, sometimes even the next day.
What kinds of flooring do you sell?
We sell carpet, wood (solid and engineered), tile, laminate, vinyl, luxury vinyl plank and rigid core vinyl products
Can I trust your installers?

At Graham’s Flooring, we understand that trust is earned.

We have been serving Colorado’s North East area for well over 15+ years. Our installers are insured and bonded to work in your home. They are an extension of our company and are extremely professional, polite, helpful, and clean.  Check out our team page to find more info on our history, and how we got started serving commercial and residential flooring to Fort Collins, and the surrounding areas.

Do you charge for design services?
No. We will come to your home or office and design with products that will fit in with your lifestyle, space and budget. We will also measure for free and can give you an onsite estimate if you are interested.
What should I expect to do to prepare for install?
Prior to installation, we will send you a preparation sheet that helps guide you through what is required to prepare for installation. Those are also found on our website. Usually our installers will move furniture, unless you choose to do that yourself. You will need to remove all items that would prevent them from easily moving things such as books, pictures and knickknacks. You will need to unplug all electronics and move those. Our installers do not move things such as pianos, pool tables, fish tanks and water beds
Do you warranty your work?
Yes. All of our installations are warrantied for one year. Our products all have their own individual warranties.
What is your service area?
We serve all of Northern Colorado; about a 50 mile radius from our store, from the Colorado border south to the Broomfield area and from Estes Park to Greeley.
Do you only do floors?
No. We also install tile in bathrooms, including showers, backsplashes, fireplaces; and counter tops
Can you fix wrinkles in my existing carpet?
Yes our installers can usually restretch carpet to get wrinkles out for a nominal fee
Do you sand and finish existing wood floors?
Yes. We can screen and coat and sand and finish existing hardwood. We can also install unfinished hardwood and sand and finish it on site.
Do you do commercial flooring?
Yes we can do all kinds of commercial flooring, including new construction and tenant refinishes of commercial buildings. We can also do multi family housing units and rental properties
Can you work with new home builders?
Yes, we have an excellent program to work with semi-custom and custom home builders. We have a variety of products that are perfect for new homes, including carpet, wood, countertops and tile.
Can you put flooring in my rental property?
Yes we have a variety of in stock products that are inexpensive, look great and can be installed within a few days. Perfect for any rental!
Do you have financing options?

Yes! We have an interest free financing option through Wells Fargo to help cover any costs with your flooring installation!

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