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Vinyl flooring isn’t what it used to be – it’s come a long way in terms of look, feel and quality from the days when it was known as “linoleum flooring.” These days, it comes in sheet flooring (like you remember it), but also in individual plank or tiles known as “Luxury Tile,” or “Vinyl Plank Flooring.” Vinyl can even mimic the look of tile, slate, marble, wood and other popular patterns.

Quality and pricing can vary, depending on the durability of the plank, and how “real” the actual material looks, compared to what it mimics. Some materials are extremely smooth, while others feature the etchings of real wood and feel more textured.


Luxury vinyl floor tiles consists of four layers:

  • Vinyl backing
  • Vinyl color
  • The “picture” or printed layer
  • Urethane coating

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If your subfloor is imperfect, an underlayment may be required. The vinyl is glued down, and with some of the tile products, grout can be added to give it more of a true tile look.

On top of that, vinyl flooring resists water and stains. It’s durable, easy to maintain, and a breeze to clean. And, vinyl can be extremely affordable – that’s good news for your wallet!


To maintain your vinyl flooring products:

  • Sweep and damp mop on a regular basis.
  • Use mats and rugs to stop as much dirt as possible from entering the area where the flooring is installed.
  • Use hard plastic or felt pads under heavy furniture to prevent point loads.
  • Never slide heavy furniture on unprotected floors.

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