If you’re shopping for new flooring, you’ve likely heard about LVT. What in the world is LVT flooring? LVT stands for luxury vinyl tile, which is a tiled version of luxury vinyl sheet flooring. Vinyl flooring gets a bad rap, but its appearance and quality has improved a ton over the years and deserves another look! Plus, LVT has some amazing benefits. 

Unimpacted by Moisture

LVT resembles ceramic, hardwood or stone flooring but offers the benefits of vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring isn’t impacted by moisture like other flooring materials, so it’s a great choice for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms and basements. Wood flooring could absorb moisture and change size, but LVT doesn’t react to moist environments and it maintains its size and shape. 


Vinyl flooring is affordable! Its initial cost is reasonable and lasts for decades if installed correctly so you don’t have added replacement or maintenance costs. 


LVT’s durability is a huge benefit. It doesn’t show wear and tear over time and holds up to traffic. So, it’s not only a great choice for your home, it’s a logical flooring choice for vacation or rental homes that see plenty of foot traffic. The top layer of LVT doesn’t show dents or scratches. 

Easy to Install

Plenty of DIYers take on LVT projects because the flooring is easy to install–it clicks and locks into place without needing nails. 

Easy to Clean

You don’t need special cleaning products to clean your floors. Just sweep and mop, and your floors are good to go! 

LVT is a great choice for your next kitchen or bathroom remodel in Loveland and Fort Collins! Check out our vinyl flooring options, and let our design team update your home with new LVT flooring.