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Vacation Rental - The 6 Best Options for Vacation Rental Flooring

The 6 Best Options for Vacation Rental Flooring

Choosing flooring for your vacation rental is different from choosing flooring for an owner-occupied home because flooring in a rental property generally undergoes more wear and tear. What’s more, tenants are less likely to care for a home the same way an owner would. When choosing flooring for your vacation property, you want to pick something that will help you maximize your return on investment (ROI). As such, there are…

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Furniture on Flooring 840x424 - Protecting Floors from Furniture

Protecting Floors from Furniture

You may love tile, hardwood, or laminate: we love them all! And yet, sometimes your furniture doesn’t. Couches and tables, bookshelves and chairs can scratch, dent, and chip your beautiful floor; but never fear, there are remedies and rescues for every type of flooring! Carpet Nobody wants dents or tears in their carpet! Here are a few ways to avoid carpetastrophe or repair the damage already done. Prevention:  Use carpet…

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Loveland carpet shoeprint

How to Make your Carpet Last

New carpet makes your home look amazing! There’s just something about brand new carpet that makes your home feel cozy and inviting. You want to keep your carpet looking new as long as possible. This post will cover some things you can do to make your carpet look good for longer.  Vacuum Regularly The most important thing you can do is to suck up the dirt, hair and dust that…

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Dog on laminate flooring

Pet-Friendly Flooring Options

We love our four-legged friends! However, our pets can do a number on our floors. Pet nails bang up flooring, pet accidents are tough to remove completely and shedded hair means plenty of cleaning. The good news is that there are plenty of flooring options that can hold up to the wear and tear from your pets. If you’re planning on replacing flooring in the near future, there are flooring…

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CarpetPad 840x424 - 4 Types of Carpet Pads

4 Types of Carpet Pads

Choosing new carpet for your home is exciting! New carpet instantly gives your home a fresh new look. There are so many available fibers, colors, patterns and styles! Did you know that you also have different carpet pads to choose from as well? People talk about different types of carpet, but you might not be as aware of the different types of carpet pads. Don’t worry...we’ll navigate through different carpet…

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Carpet Installation Fort Collins Loveland

Hidden Costs in “Free” Carpet Installation

Some stores advertise free installation, which can seem like a great deal! However, look for hidden costs that make the “free installation” worthwhile to the big box store. We’ll cover common hidden costs and questions to ask before committing to “free installation” of your new flooring.  Installers  You want to ensure that your carpet will be installed correctly--even if it’s a “free installation” deal. Ask about the company’s relationship with…

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Kid painting on carpet with dog

Lifestyle Impacts on Carpet

What are good carpet options for kids and pets? Picture just sat down on the couch to check Instagram while you enjoy your cup of coffee. The kids are playing outside along with your dog, Buster. It’s quiet and peaceful, and you’re soaking it up. All of a sudden, your kids come tearing into the house chasing Otis, who has clearly been digging in the garden and is carrying…

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Gray and white carpet on staircase.

Should I carpet my stairs?

Stair Carpet Options and Benefits You might wonder about the benefits and durability of placing carpet on stairs. Thankfully carpeted stairs have several benefits. Additionally, you can find some durable options that look great too!  Carpet on stairs has a few benefits:  Noisy stairs—carpeting stairs helps noisy stairs...whether the noise is from stair traffic or too-thin materials that don’t absorb sounds. Spicing up boring stairs—basic, ordinary stairs can become a design…

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Benefits of Carpet

Benefits of Carpet

Why Carpet? Are you researching Loveland and Fort Collins flooring options, but don’t know where to begin? We can help! In this post, we’ll focus on carpet and its benefits for your home. As you explore different types of flooring, you’ll discover that carpet provides many benefits. Let's take a look at a few! Comfortable and Safe Comfort—carpet cushions your steps, muffles sound in your home and allows your…

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