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Hardwood Sweeping 840x424 - Caring for Hardwood Flooring

Caring for Hardwood Flooring

Installing hardwood flooring is an investment in your home and they look gorgeous when they’re first installed. You want to take excellent care of your flooring to make your floors last as long as possible. Here are some recommendations to prolong the life of your wood flooring.  Protect your Floors from Furniture Add furniture pads to table legs, chairs, coffee tables, couches, etc. Place pads under rugs for extra protection…

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Laminate flooring at home

One Family’s Flooring Transformation

Now, more than ever, we truly appreciate our customers and enjoy helping customers improve their homes. We love hearing about how new flooring has transformed their living space and impacted their personal lives.  One Family's Flooring Story For example, one customer’s family had several members who suffered from extreme asthma and allergies. Much of the main floor was carpeted, which aggravated some existing health issues for two family members. The…

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magenis wood 840x424 - Hardwood Flooring Choices

Hardwood Flooring Choices

Hardwood flooring adds luxury to your home and provides plenty of benefits. Graham’s offers a variety of hardwood flooring for your next home project! Hardwood flooring comes in different forms (solid, engineered, pre-finished and unfinished) and types of wood...and Graham’s has them all! Let’s explore each type so you can make a well-informed decision. Remember, Graham’s free design experts can help as well!  Types of Hardwood Floors You may not…

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Loveland and Fort Collins Hardwood Flooring Benefits

Hardwood Flooring Benefits

Explore the Benefits of Hardwood Flooring Researching flooring options is important! You want to make sure your new flooring fits your wants and needs. Graham’s designers are here to help. Hardwood flooring has many benefits—let’s take a look at a few of these. Easy to Clean and Maintain Adding hardwood flooring makes your floors easy to vacuum, steam clean and mop, plus they’re stain resistant. If you spill grape juice…

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Hardwood Floor Installation Carpet Installation and Much More 800x424 - Hardwood Floor Installation, Carpet Installation, and Much More

Hardwood Floor Installation, Carpet Installation, and Much More

At Graham’s Flooring & Design, we provide hardwood floor, carpet, and vinyl flooring installation for homeowners. We have a long list of satisfied clients that we have worked with for years, and a reputation for ensuring they get exactly the flooring they are looking for. However, our residential work is just the beginning. We also provide services for businesses, property management companies, and builders. Services for All Your Quality Flooring Needs  If you have…

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Is it Time to Consider Hardwood Floor Installation 840x424 - Is it Time to Consider Hardwood Floor Installation?

Is it Time to Consider Hardwood Floor Installation?

If you’ve been asking yourself for a while now whether it’s time to consider hardwood floor installation, that’s a pretty good sign that the answer is “Yes!” And who could blame you? There are so many things to love about hardwood, including: ● Easy cleaning Hardwood flooring is simple to keep clean. Regular vacuuming, occasional mopping, spill wipe-ups as necessary and your floor will continue to look as good as the day…

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