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Fort Collins Flooring Company Intro Video

Getting to Know Graham’s Flooring

Hey its Regina with Graham's Flooring and Design. So today we're here to talk about what sets Grahams apart from other companies on the market. When you call in to make an appointment for either your residential, business, or property manager project, then we will be asking specific questions about what the project entails. What your price range is? What colors you might be thinking about? Which style of different…

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bigstock Colorful Silk Cushions 4313847 750x 750x424 - 2019 Color Trends to Update your Home or Office Space

2019 Color Trends to Update your Home or Office Space

If you’re a designer, artist, or builder, you’re likely familiar with Pantone and its annual color of the year. That color helps define style for the year, and it’s a pretty big deal for everyone associated with those industries.  This year’s color is called Living Coral, and was inspired by the beauty of coral and the natural world.  “An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes…

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Regina and customers 840x424 - Light and Flooring Design

Light and Flooring Design

Have you ever picked out something for your home, flooring, furniture or paint, only to find that once you brought it home it looked different? That soft gray suddenly turned sorta…purplish. That warm beige is now weirdly yellow. Well, it’s not your imagination. Those things really are appearing differently than they did in the store. Why? The answer lies in the lighting and other colors surrounding you in your space.…

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Quality of Life Enhanced with New Flooring 840x424 - Quality of Life Enhanced with New Flooring

Quality of Life Enhanced with New Flooring

Not only can new flooring increase the value of your home, it can even have a significant impact on your quality of life. In addition to updating or completely changing the look of a room, new flooring has a secret power to elevate your mood and enhance your overall outlook when spending time in that room. Why to Consider New Flooring in Loveland or Fort Collins Replacing flooring is a…

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Fort Collins Carpet

High Quality Fort Collins Carpet For Your Home!

Do you need to get the carpet installation cost for a brand new expansion on your house? Or, do you need to find a Fort Collins carpet provider to simply replace some carpet that has seen better days? If you need carpet for either one of these reasons, then we’re your one-stop shop here at Graham’s Flooring & Design. Our top-of-the-line Fort Collins carpet selections will give you the look…

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8 Must Buy Home Staging Accessories - 8 Must Buy Home Staging Accessories

8 Must Buy Home Staging Accessories

Are you ready to sell your home? Are you looking for ways to spruce up and add pizazz for potential buyers (without breaking the bank)? These 8 tips will help give your house that extra “wow” factor for potential buyers. 1. Cushions These accessories are a great way to update a room by adding both texture and pop of color. 2. Rugs A large, deep rug can warm up a…

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2017 Color Trends  - 2017 Color Trends/Product Trends

2017 Color Trends/Product Trends

2017 looks to be heading toward an interesting and evolving design path. Our Sales team had the privilege of attending The International Surface Event in Las Vegas, and here’s what they brought back! The three big designer trends are carrying us forward with relevant colors, considered design, and key textures. 'Rewired Humanity’ shows how we as humans are being rewired as we connect (and disconnect) from our devices and one…

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