We are always looking to improve our situations! It’s just part of human nature. We want to live our best lives and those lives are spent mostly in our homes. Luckily, some of the things that bring us joy at home can also be a good investment.

Remodeling your primary bathroom will not only bring you comfort, and hopefully tranquility, but it will also give you an awesome return on investment (ROI) if you decide to sell your home. And it doesn’t have to be a huge remodel! In fact, the biggest ROIs on bathroom remodels come from midrange and universal design options.

Here we will give up-to-date stats on your ROI when remodeling your bathroom and then suggest some design options to help you do just that! To find out the best options for you, ask your Realtor® what home features sell best in your area.

What’s the ROI on a bathroom remodel? 

The kitchen, primary bathroom, and primary bedroom are always going to be big winners when it comes to remodeling. When people are looking for a new home, they want to make sure that it is livable first and foremost. When those three spaces are looking solid, then the rest of the home can be upgraded without affecting the comfort of the new owner!

An encouraging discovery from the latest Cost Vs Value report from Remodeling Magazine is that you don’t have to plan on an upscale remodel unless you want to. The very highest ROIs are going to be replacing the garage door, external doors, siding, and windows, of course. However, inside the house, a bathroom remodel ranks extremely high, and the midrange remodel is the highest nationally, in the mountain states, and in the Fort Collins, CO area where Graham’s Flooring & Design resides. 

With a midrange remodel, Zillow advises, “The finishes are functional and nice, but not top-of-the-line.” These will include things like chrome fixtures, tile floors and tub surrounds, a new toilet, and solid countertops.

Nationally, a midrange bathroom remodel is going to cost around $27,164, but you will recoup 58.9% of that at sale. In the mountain region of the U.S. (Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana) the cost and ROI ($25,802/56.5%) are slightly lower. Yet, in Northern Colorado (our area of expertise!) the ROI on a midrange bathroom remodel is terrific at 72.6% on an average $26,533 project.

ROI for Bathroom Remodel Infographic from Graham's Flooring & Design

The universal remodel isn’t far behind on ROI, but it isn’t for everyone. A universal remodel is specialized to be handicap/wheelchair accessible. This is an excellent option if you want the advantage of aging in place, or if you’re looking to appeal to a larger group of buyers.

The upscale remodel falls behind the midrange by between 4% and 13%. This type of remodeling might include expansion of the space, double sinks, heated floors, new lighting, etc. Of course, if you’re looking to treat yourself, this is still an excellent option. However, if you want the best return on your money, the midrange is still the way to go.



Midrange Remodel Design Options

Now, if you’ve decided that the midrange bathroom remodel is the one for you, here are some suggestions for high ROI design choices.

Fix first!

Your best bet is to investigate what needs to be fixed and get that out of the way first. Do you have broken tiles or fixtures? Missing towel rods or a wobbly toilet? Start there!

Start Small

After everything has been fixed, take a look at what small improvements can be made that will still make a big difference. Try refinishing and painting/staining the existing cabinetry. Install a new toilet (standard white with an oval shape). Match all of the drawer pull/knobs, towel bars, etc. Install a new mirror. Put in some new wall sconces or vanity/mirror lights, and perhaps even match them to the rest of your hardware. And consider doing a little Bathroom Organization Remodel to help the flow and comfort of your bathroom!

Bathroom remodel featuring a Smith Powder countertopCountertops

A brand new countertop can change the feel of the whole bathroom. Consider laminate on the cheaper end, solid surface, or, for a real stunner, Quartz or natural stone countertops. Try to avoid anything with seams or grout—they will be more difficult to keep clean! And if you want to go for an economical alternative or you’re running low on space, consider buying a single-sink vanity. 

If you need help choosing a countertop or backsplash for your bathroom, Graham’s Flooring & Design would love to give you a free consultation in your home or at the showroom in Loveland, CO.

Tile SurroundMidrange bathroom remodel with white tub and toilet and subway tile surround

Updating the shower or tub has instant livability and ROI returns. Walk-in showers are incredibly popular, though it is always advised to keep at least one bathtub in the home. A really easy way to upgrade your bathing space is to install a new tub or shower surround. Not only is it a style improvement with so many options, but it makes your bathroom look clean and new, even if you haven’t replaced the entire shower/tub. (Oh! Did we mention that Graham’s can help design and install your surround, too?)


Replace your old, tarnished fixtures with new, matching ones. If you can, have your shower and faucet heads match the other hardware in your bathroom!  Chrome is a timeless finish that is easy to find and match. We prefer brushed chrome but go with polished if you like the shine! Or look into some of the newer finishes like Good Housekeeping’s recommendation of matte black for 2022.


New flooring not only updates the look of your bathroom, but it also brightens, freshens, and protects your bathroom from mold, mildew, and subfloor damage. When considering the Best Flooring for your bathroom, we keep in mind a surface’s ability to hold up against the daily humidity of bathroom activity. Vinyl, laminate, and ceramic/porcelain tile are your best bets for looks and practicality.

Man's hand wiping newly installed vinyl flooring

Located in Northern Colorado? Graham’s Flooring & Design can help you choose the right floor covering for your bathroom remodel. Contact us for a free consultation.

Consider the Layout

Chances are that with the midrange remodel, you’re not looking to do any layout changes, as they can get a bit expensive. However, Zillow points out, and we agree, that you should still keep the layout in mind! Be sure not to block a shower door’s clearance or to cramp the toilet space. If the layout is uncomfortable, then it’s also unattractive to a prospective buyer. 

The Time Is Now!

Start working on your midrange bathroom remodel today. Making improvements will help create a calming and serene space for yourself that will eventually lead to a great ROI when you’re ready to sell. And you can get started with DIY improvements before hiring a contractor to help with the bigger projects!

How Can Graham’s Flooring & Design Help?

We love a bathroom remodel and are eager to help in any way we can! Whether it is guidance or installation of flooring, countertops, or a backsplash or surround, we’re your Northern Colorado design experts! 

Contact us for your free consultation on a Loveland or Fort Collins bathroom remodeling today! We will work with you to find the ideal materials for your specific needs and wants.

Our specialty is Loveland and Fort Collins flooring, but we also handle baths, countertops, and backsplashes from design to installation, and we make it easy and fun. Come visit us at our showroom or schedule your consultation, and enjoy the professional, knowledgable, and stress-free Graham’s experience.

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