We’d all love to remodel our bathrooms this summer; but in case you aren’t quite in the market for a major change, think about making your bathroom feel like new by getting it organized! Here are five steps for a bathroom organization remodel:

Step One: 

Get that countertop under control! A clutter-free countertop not only gives you space to work your magic in the mornings, but also sets the tone for your guests. Try:

  • A tray to corral all those small items that populate the counter. Pick a fancy wooden tray, ceramic bowl, or basket for an artistic flair. And if one tray just isn’t enough, try something with two or three tiers. If you  like to DIY, check out this tiered stand.
  • Making storage trendy by using pretty jars for Q-tips, cotton rounds, extra soap, and bath salts. Decant soaps and lotions into beautiful bottles that match. Or fill a glass jar or vase with marbles, colored sand, or vase filler to store your makeup brushes in style. If you’re handy, this DIY mason jar holder is gorgeous and functional!
  • If you still need more real estate, get a lovely sponge holder or hanging organizer that mounts to your mirror or backsplash for all the little bits and bobs you use daily.


Step Two:

Bathroom Organization Remodel in 5 Steps

Those drawers though! If every drawer in the house looked like a “junk drawer” how would you ever find the twisty ties? An organized bathroom drawer will save you time and sanity. Try: 

  • Drawer organizers to separate and group like items so you can see what you’re doing.
  • Mounting a magnetic strip inside a drawer to keep small, metal items (scissors, tweezers, nail clippers, bobby pins, etc.) out of the way, yet still visible.



Step Three:

Tackling that frightening space underneath the sink can be intimidating…but no need to panic! Once it’s organized, you’re going to feel a weight off, for sure. Try:

  • Pretty storage boxes, shelves, baskets, and drawers. Organize the products you don’t utilize as often into categories and label them accordingly.
  • Using risers to maximize the space. 
  • A lazy Susan for easy access to items in the back of the cupboard.
  • Mounting baskets or shelves to the inside of cupboard doors to hold hair tools or items you use more frequently.
  • Buying a personal caddy for each member of your family to store their daily necessities; and then keep the caddies underneath the sink to minimize clutter on the countertop and keep their things together.


Step Four:

If there’s an empty wall, there’s an opportunity for stylish storage. Maximize all available space with creative storage that is pleasing to the eye! Try:

  • Creating space over the toilet with a basket on the toilet tank, a shelf over the commode, or an entire shelving unit.
  • A multi-tiered shower caddy.
  • Hanging a wine rack for holding towels that are clean or hanging to dry.
  • Placing a floating shelf on the wall next to the vanity.
  • Get a ladder-style (or hey, just a ladder!) shelving unit to add some classy storage space.


Step Five:

Bulk storage doesn’t have to look like the shelves of Costco. Make storing TP and linens fun and attractive. Try:

  • A gorgeous wardrobe or hutch as a linen closet. Store fresh towels, extra toilet paper, the family caddies, etc.
  • Woven baskets on the back of the toilet to hold extra toilet paper rolls or magazines. To save space, get a standing unit to stack that TP and make a DIY magazine rack on the wall.
  • If you still haven’t found a place for everything, find a rolling storage cart that you can keep in a closet and push in whenever you need it!









Now that you’ve gotten organized, what else would make that bathroom the most comfortable room in the house? Perhaps some new flooring, tile, or a gorgeous backsplash. When you’re ready for the next step, please reach out to your Loveland and Fort Collins bathroom remodel pros at Graham’s! We’ll come to you for a Free Design Consultation.

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