Want to bring some warmth, design, or creativity to a part of your house? An area rug might just be the element to do all three. 

And what better way to get a rug than to make it custom to the fiber, shape, and size that fits your space! 

Hard surface flooring is what most people like in their common areas. But sometimes that can feel a bit cold or hard in a large area. Adding a custom area rug to a room with a hard surface brings in a great visual focal point, warmth underfoot, and can tie in the other elements in the room such as furniture, drapery, and wall color. 

There are endless options for customizing your rug to make sure that no one else will have the same rug you do.


Factors to Consider When Selecting a Custom Area Rug



Just like when selecting carpet, the kind of fiber you select for your rug should be based on the amount of traffic you will have in that space. 

Are there kids, dogs, or lots of visitors? You may want to consider a wool or nylon base for your rug that will hold up to that high traffic. Just the two of you living in your space? Your options open up considerably.

Choose a carpet that will align with your traffic and you can have your rug for years of enjoyment. 



Do you want to match the carpet in other areas of your home? Or do you want a statement piece in your entryway?

Either way, there are selections to fit any design focus or any style for your custom area rug. You can select from a plush carpet, a looped option (Berber), or a super fun pattern. And you can add a design element by creating any shape that best fits your space and getting a custom-cut rug.



Custom rug prices vary as much as the carpet prices vary. Your options include anything from an inexpensive polyester plush to an extravagant hand-woven wool and everything in between. 

No matter your budget, you can get a great rug.


Space size and shape

This is the element that makes a custom area rug the most appealing. You can get a custom-sized rug or custom-shaped rug to fit any space. 

Whether you need a small rug for an entryway or a room-size rug in a large living room, you get to make your custom-sized rug fit your space. One of the only limitations to this is the size of the carpet roll from your carpet selection.

Most rolls come in 12’ wide rolls, but some of the higher-end wools and hand-loomed carpets come in wider options. If you don’t want a seam in your rug, this would also be a limiting factor for size.

We at Graham’s Flooring would love to help you select the perfect rug for your space. We work with a variety of carpet vendors with a large offering of choices from Shaw, Dreamweaver, Tuftex, DH, Fabrica, and Mohawk.