Are you starting to get tired of your old carpet? Is it not bouncing back the way it once did? Are you starting to wonder how long does carpet last? 

How do you know when it’s time to replace your carpet? We are here with some tips on how to make that determination.

Factors that Cause a Need for Carpet Replacement

Age of Carpet

The age of your carpet is a good indicator of when it needs to be replaced. 

While this seems like a simple tip to follow, there is no one-size-fits-all for how long a carpet will last. Its lifespan depends on several factors including the carpet fiber (ie. nylon versus polyester), the amount of traffic a carpet gets, and the kind of wear and tear it has endured such as pet stains and spills.

The average age of a carpet can range from 5 to 15 years. The more inexpensive entry-level polyester carpets will fall in the lower category, while high-quality nylon will fall in that 12-15-year range.

Wear of Carpet

The way a carpet has been treated will have a high impact on its life span. 

If there is one area of your home such as a hallway or stairs that gets a very high amount of foot traffic, the chances of that carpet wearing out in a shorter time frame is high. 

If you have dogs or cats who occasionally have accidents on the carpet, or a lot of things have been spilled on a carpet, the chances of it needing replacing sooner goes up. Any kind of repeated moisture to your carpet via pet accidents, spills, or a flood can ruin a carpet.

Evaluating what stressors your carpet has endured over the years is another way to tell if it’s time to look into the replacement of your carpet. 

Carpet Style

Of course, another big factor in replacing your carpet is how you feel about its aesthetic. If the pattern or color is dated, you might want something newer. If you are ready for something thicker or softer carpet, it’s probably time to consider a new carpet.

Signs that It May Be Time to Replace your Carpet

There are many different signs that could mean your carpet needs to be replaced> Some of the most common signs are: 

  • Matted carpet that stops your carpet from standing up 
  • Stains that won’t come out, no matter how hard you scrub 
  • Smells that won’t go away despite all the cleaners you’ve tried
  • Tears or holes in your carpet
  • Wrinkles can be a sign that a carpet is nearing the end of its life. However, carpet can be re-stretched and will continue to last for years longer. 
  • If the padding underneath your carpet is crushed and no longer provides cushion, you may also want to consider replacing your carpet.

How to Pick a New Carpet

When you decide to replace your carpet, you should consider the following factors:


The number of people in your household, the number and age of your pets, and the amount of time you spend caring for your carpet will help in determining which carpet is best for you.

Area of Home

Where you’re putting your carpet should affect your decision of what type of carpet to choose. For example, if you are putting carpet in a basement bedroom that gets occasional use, you would consider a different carpet than the main living area of your home.


There is a wide range of carpet styles and levels of quality and durability. Your budget will determine what kind of carpet you should get. A good professional consultation will greatly help in determining how to select a carpet based on lifestyle and budget


The kind of carpet you select will depend largely on what you like. 

Do you want a super thick and soft carpet because the kids spend a lot of time on the floor? Or do you want something that has a pattern and will bring an element of design to your stairs? 

There is a carpet out there for everyone’s design tastes and need for comfort.

Ways to Make Your Carpet Last

Finally, here are some things you can do to preserve the life of your carpet.


The general advice for vacuuming is one day per week for every person in your home. This sounds like a lot, say if you have 5 people in your home. But the main takeaway is that vacuuming your carpet frequently will help extend the life of your carpet.

Professional Cleaning

You will extend the life of your carpet if you get it professionally cleaned every 12-18 months, depending on the traffic in your home.


Wearing shoes on your carpet introduces more dirt and potential stains. Limiting the amount of time shoes are worn on a carpet can extend its life.

In Need of a Carpet Replacement?

When it comes time to consider carpet replacement, it is always a good idea to consult a professional. 

We at Graham’s Flooring are always happy to take a look at your old carpet and give you advice on your next steps. We provide free in-home consultations and are happy to bring some carpet samples along to show you what is out there for replacement.

Contact us today to get started on a new carpet for your home.