Tile has come a long way, baby, and it’s time to get rid of that old, tired, ceramic tile and replace it with the latest styles and innovations. Take a look at this Fort Collins bathroom we had the pleasure of remodeling this year.

Before & After: A Fort Collins Bathroom Remodel

Every ounce of this bathroom is covered in light oak cabinetry and white or polished marble ceramic tiles. And did you notice the carpeting? Thank goodness carpeting in the bathroom has gone out of style: Two words—mold and mildew!

Clearly, the homeowners were ready for an upgrade, and the one they chose will add a ton of instant equity to their home. With our help, they took their master bathroom from a dated and bland throwback to a fresh and luxurious escape.


Before & After: A Fort Collins Bathroom Remodel

First, we ripped out that awful brown, shag carpet and replaced it with this gorgeous Refined Field Tile from Bedrosians in the color honey. This polished porcelain tile is extremely durable and low maintenance. It is frost and chemical resistant, with extremely low porosity (meaning it won’t absorb liquid and warp), and can bear up to 400 pounds before breaking. Not to mention, most spills are easily cleaned with a mop and warm water. And doesn’t it look just terrific? Clean, modern, and bright without showing dirt and wear.

Shower walls:

We’ve got to give it to the owners of this fine home, they kept that shower tile clean! It must have been a full-time job with so much grout. But moreover, look at how much this new Highland Tile from Bedrosians brightens up this walk-in shower.

Before & After: A Fort Collins Bathroom Remodel

Another porcelain tile, the homeowners chose to go with the 12×24 tiles in this remodel (maybe they were scarred from all that grout cleaning!) which cuts down on the cracks and crevices that need special attention. The white, natural stone color choice also forgives a little dirt and grime while remaining light and opulent. 

Shower floor:

Did you notice the shower floor in the photo above? Go ahead, look at it again—

Before & After: A Fort Collins Bathroom Remodel

Stunning, isn’t it? This is Elect glazed ceramic tile from daltile in matte beige herringbone. This modern and fun tile is highly scratch-resistant, slip-resistant, and easily cleaned with hot water and gentle cleansers. Plus, it adds to the bright yet durable feel of the rest of the shower (and it looks like it’s comfy on the tootsies!).

Heated floor:

We also installed a Schluter® DITRA-HEAT-E-HK electric floor heater. We know you can’t see it, but trust us, it’s there, and it’s glorious!


We can’t take credit for those cabinets, but don’t they beautify this bathroom?! What we can take credit for is the installation of the new countertops.

Before & After: A Fort Collins Bathroom Remodel

We said goodbye to the tired white (or at least it used to be) tile and hello to these new Cambria® Quartz countertops. Here’s another look:

Before & After: A Fort Collins Bathroom Remodel

Aren’t they lovely? They update the space and hide the everyday mess. Quartz is durable for sure. It resists staining, scratching, and the accumulation of harmful bacteria. To clean, you only need warm water, a soft cloth, and some mild soap. And don’t they just perfectly complement the new cabinetry?


Okay. We didn’t have anything to do with the bathtub, but isn’t it a vast improvement!? 

Before & After: A Fort Collins Bathroom Remodel

It’s like a spa…can we make an appointment? 



We loved working on this Fort Collins bathroom remodel and we can’t wait for the next! We specialize in flooring for Loveland, Fort Collins, and the rest of Northern Colorado, but also handle baths, countertops, and backsplashes. Contact us today for your free consultation in your home or at our showroom!


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