Are you in need of some new flooring and can’t decide what materials you want to go with? Psst…have you considered hardwood? Or do you already have hardwood floors and you’re considering replacing them? Well, don’t do that. Seriously! Hardwood floors are an easy, lasting investment that will give back, without a doubt.

Perhaps you’re worried about the work that it takes to maintain hardwood floors, but there really isn’t much. Of course, you need to clean up spills quickly and protect them from scratches, but you’d have to do that with any flooring you choose! 

Are you thinking about the cost of refinishing? Well, first off, you’d only need to refinish every 10–12 years. Second, you could change the whole look of that existing hardwood every time you refinished it if you wanted. That’s like getting all-new flooring for less money, not to mention the fact that you’ll get it all back when it’s time to sell. And then some!

ROI on Hardwood Flooring

Statistics on hardwood flooring ROI for Fort Collins Grahams.The return on investment with hardwood flooring and refinishing is pretty unbelievable. According to the 2022 Remodeling Impact Report from the National Association of Realtors® Research Group, hardwood floor refinishing and new wood flooring are top two in regards to cost recovery of interior remodeling projects. Top two! 

Refinishing recovers 147% of the cost, which means on an average $3400 refinishing project, you would recover $5000. Brand new wood floors would recover 118% of the cost, with an average $5500 project recuperating $6500. The value of those wood floors would cover their own cost…and more!

In addition to the monetary ROI, choosing to purchase or refinish wood floors also has a return on investment with joy. 100% of people who refinished their floors desired to spend more time at home once the project was completed; 90% of those with new wood floors felt the same way. 64% of those who refinished their floors felt an “increased sense of enjoyment” when at home and felt a “sense of accomplishment” when the project was complete. And when it came to new wood floor owners, 77% felt more jubilation and 61% a “sense of accomplishment.” That’s a lot of satisfaction! 

Benefits of Hardwood Floor Coverings

This high ROI doesn’t surprise us at all. Perhaps that’s because we know the benefits of hardwood floors.


Hands down, hardwood flooring is one of the most beautiful floor-covering options. Why do you think so many other materials used for flooring emulate it? People like and want the look of wood in their homes.

Strength & Durability

Hardwood floors are hard and durable! If taken care of correctly, a hardwood floor can last more than 100 years!

Easily Cleaned

Simply sweep or vacuum your hardwood floors as needed. It is easy to wipe up spills as well, much easier than with carpet.

Better Air Quality

Wood floors just aren’t going to hold in dust and allergens like carpet. And wood doesn’t have grout lines, like tile, which tend to hide those little irritants as well.

Sound Quality

Hardwood might not be quite as good as carpet in the acoustics-deadening arena, but it is still good. Wood reduces the hollow effect, creating a richer sound quality.


And! Hardwood floors can be refinished, which we’ve already discussed is a terrific investment. Not to mention, you can change the entire look of your floors every time you refinish!

Large, upscale living room with hardwood flooring.

Flooring Professionals Love Hardwood Floors!

Yes. We are talking about Graham’s Flooring & Design. But not just us. Most of the flooring pros that we know have invested in hardwood flooring because it’s gorgeous, durable and enduring, easy to maintain, and improves air and sound quality. However, let’s not beat around the bush here, it is a great investment! So, whether you’re about to buy or considering refinishing, we hope we’ve helped you make your choice! (Psst…hardwood rocks!)

How Else Can Graham’s Flooring & Design Help?

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