Ah, we all love our pets here in northern Colorado. They provide companionship, love and sometimes entertainment. But pets can be extremely hard on our floors and especially on our carpet. So what do you do when your pet soils your carpet? The answer to that can vary depending on the kind of carpet you have. Some carpets will clean up fairly easily and it all depends on the fiber. If you didn’t recently buy new carpet, you may not know what your carpet fibers are made of. In this blog we will assume that you do not know the makeup of your carpet. If you are in the market for new carpet and have pets that might cause issues with your carpet, there are definitely choices that will provide your carpet with a longer life and resist those pesky stains and smells.

How to Remove Pet Stains from Carpet

  1. Act Quickly: Try to get to pet accidents as soon as you are aware of the problem. Remove anything solid and dispose. Use a white or light cloth and blot the area to pull up as much of the excess moisture as possible.
  2. Apply Water: Apply cold or warm water to the area with a cloth or spray bottle. Hot water can cause the stain the “set”. Continue to blot the area with the cloth to soak up the new moisture.
  3. Use a Spot Cleaner: Apply a specialized carpet spot cleaner to the area using a spray bottle or cloth. Alternately you can use a mixture of a clean dish-washing detergent (1/4 teaspoon to 1 cup water). Blot (don’t scrub) the area from the outside in.
  4. Re-Apply Water: Apply a small amount of clean water and blot again to remove any of the detergent.
  5. Absorb Stain & Cleaner: Place another clean cloth (or paper towels) on top of the stained area and then apply a heavy object (jug of water, book, heavy pot) on top of the cloths. Let sit for a period of time to soak up the remainder of the stain as well as the added water.
  6. Repeat As Needed: You may need to repeat this process multiple times to get the stain out

No Luck Removing Pet Stains?

If the soiling is extremely bad, contact a professional carpet cleaning company that does hot water extraction to come and work on the stain.

We are always happy to help advise you on the kinds of carpet stain removers that work well, as well as good carpet cleaning companies in the area. And of course if it’s just time to replace that carpet we are happy to help guide you in the best carpet and cushion for a busy household with pets!