So many of us have staircases in our homes, and when it comes time for new flooring, it can be hard to decide what type of flooring may be best for your stairs. This becomes especially tricky when you are putting a hard surface (like hardwoods) on your main floor but have a visible staircase from your main floor. We often find customers asking… “Do we spend the money on hardwood for our stairs?”  Or “what about the slip factor?”  For many reasons, we love to put carpet on stairs. 

Why We Love Carpet on Stairs

  • Making your staircase a design feature.  It’s been said that your floors are your fifth wall, and they are a big part of the design element in your home.  So why not make your staircase a beautiful focal point?  There are so many options for patterned and looped carpet that can make your staircase pop.  From simple linear designs to more elaborate multi-tone and patterned options, the choices are nearly limitless.  In a home where you have hardwood or laminate on the main level, a stylish patterned carpet can add just that bit of pop you might be looking for.
  • Safety.  There’s no doubt about it, carpet is the best option when slip resistance and safety are concerned.  Carpet can make your stairs softer underfoot and easier to walk up and down.  And if your worried about it wearing out more easily, see reason number 1 above and consider a looped or patterned carpet that will show less wear and tear.
  • Cost.  No matter what carpet you select, it will almost always be the most cost-effective option for putting new flooring on stairs.  Any kind of hard surface on stairs will typically be 3–4 times more expensive than carpet.
  • Consider a carpet runner. Some of the best options for carpet on stairs can include a runner on previously existing hard surface, a really strong linear or striped visual, and a fun pattern.  And even if you already have carpet in your home, a fun-patterned carpet can complement any existing carpet if selected correctly. 

Expert Tip: If you’re considering traditional plush carpeting on your stairs, we actually recommend shorter and more dense styles of carpeting, as they will hold up to the high traffic that a staircase takes better.  Wool or nylon carpet typically holds up better, but some of the new high-quality polyesters are now great options as well.  Your sales consultant should always be able to show you the pros and cons of each option.

Have Questions About Carpeting for Your Stairs?

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