Carpet is still an amazing choice for flooring in our homes these days. It is the most cost effective floor covering, it makes a room more warm and cozy, and it can hold in some of those allergens floating around a room. But what kinds of carpet are best for our busy lifestyles, kids and our furry friends? Here are some great suggestions.

“What is the best carpet for my house?”

Solution Dyed Carpet

This technical term just describes the way color is put into carpet fibers. Solution dyed carpet means that the fibers start of as the colors you see in your carpet. This is contrasted with other carpet fibers that start off white and are then dyed the color you see. Why does this matter? It matters because solution dyed carpet fibers naturally repel stains and won’t hold those stains we may get on carpet. (Think pet urine, wine or food.) Because it repels those stains, they are much easier to clean up and get out of the carpet. A terrific option for busy households with kids and pets. The great news is that you can get solution dyed fiber in both polyester and nylon carpet!

Patterned or Looped Carpet

Patterned or looped carpets are fantastic for busy households. They have shorter fibers and are usually more dense or tightly woven. This makes them more resistant to matting and crushing caused by high traffic areas such as stairs and hallways. Patterned carpets can often come in multi-tones so they are great for hiding dirt and stains. Just like solution dyed carpet, you can get these carpets in both polyester and nylon options, although nylon will tend to hold up a bit better in those high traffic areas. Having the shorter, denser fibers also helps keeps our cat and dog friends from pulling as easily at the carpet.

Looped carpets (often called Berber carpet) can sometimes be a foe to cats because their claws can pull the loops and damage the integrity of the carpet. While this is possible, there are many carpets out there that are made more durably and even have warranties from what is called zippering. Ask us about that option when it comes time to shop for your looped carpet! Additionally, looped carpets are extremely durable to matting and crushing so a really good option for busy households with kids.

Pet Protect Carpet

Manufacturers know that most households now have at least 1 pet so they have made a lot of advancements toward making carpet more durable for the wear and tear that comes with our furry friends. Some of the things that make a carpet labeled as “pet safe” or “pet protect” carpet are the things noted above, along with the way the fibers are made themselves. Manufacturers have figured out ways to make the ionic bonds of carpet fibers act in such a way that they repel pet hair. So when it comes time to vacuum your carpet, those pet hairs release from the carpet more easily. So you end up with a carpet that resists stains, is durable to matting and crushing, and releases those pesky pet hairs.

Carpet Cushion

Of course we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the effect that your carpet cushion can have for a busy household with kids and pets. One of the biggest problems we find with carpet is that once it stains it doesn’t come out. The primary reason for that is that the stain or moisture settle in the cushion underneath the carpet. We now have options for cushion that has a moisture barrier pad on top that keeps any moisture from seeping into the pad and causing permanent staining.

There are great options in carpet for most lifestyle and budget parameters. Give us a call today to talk through your situation!