When it comes to buying carpet for our home or rental, most people are on a budget. So when a store promises free installation, it can be very appealing. But are you really getting that installation for free? Is that installer volunteering his or her time to put your carpet in? Is the store paying the installer and not making any money on that? The answer to all of the above questions is probably not.

Carpet installation cost is usually a bit more complicated than it seems. At Graham’s Flooring and Design, we are always very up front and honest about all of our charges. Our estimates include a line item for each installation charge we have, and there are no hidden costs or fees.

We use the latest technology in measuring your space and planning the layout of your carpet to ensure the highest level of durability and cost effectiveness. We will assist you in choosing the best pad for your carpet, and will work with you on what carpet will be best for your needs. And we can do all of this from the comfort of your own home or space.   Give us a call today to help you with your Fort Collins Carpet.