Stair Carpet Options and Benefits

You might wonder about the benefits and durability of placing carpet on stairs. Thankfully carpeted stairs have several benefits. Additionally, you can find some durable options that look great too! 

Carpet on stairs has a few benefits: 

  • Noisy stairs—carpeting stairs helps noisy stairs…whether the noise is from stair traffic or too-thin materials that don’t absorb sounds. 
  • Spicing up boring stairs—basic, ordinary stairs can become a design element in your home. Plus, putting unique carpet patterns on your stairs can create a focal point of your home. 
  • Traction and support—carpeted stairs provide traction and cushion any falls on the stairs. 

Stairs see plenty of traffic, so you’ll want to select durable options. Durable options in both natural and synthetic fibers: 

Check out Andrea’s video showing some great carpet options from the Graham’s showroom.

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