Hardwood flooring adds luxury to your home and provides plenty of benefits. Graham’s offers a variety of hardwood flooring for your next home project! Hardwood flooring comes in different forms (solid, engineered, pre-finished and unfinished) and types of wood…and Graham’s has them all! Let’s explore each type so you can make a well-informed decision. Remember, Graham’s free design experts can help as well! 

Types of Hardwood Floors

You may not be familiar with all the different kinds of hardwood floors. Let’s review some types to see what works best for your home. 

  • Solid—Solid wood flooring is milled from a single piece of wood. One advantage…solid hardwood floors can be refinished many times and last for many years. 
  • Engineered—Engineered wood has a multi-layer base with wood as the top layer of hardwood. You can install this type of flooring over types of floor instead nailing it to the subfloor, which is a huge advantage. 
  • Pre-finished—Pre-finished hardwood floors means the planks already have a stain and topcoat. These feature a hard, durable finish that’s resilient to scratches. 
  • Sand and finish—you can select unfinished hardwood flooring. After installation, we’ll sand and stain your flooring for a smooth finish without board height discrepancies.  

Wood Types

In addition to different types of hardwood flooring, you have varieties of wood to choose from depending on the traffic, budget and personal preferences. Graham’s offers the following types of wood: 

  • Oak—Red oak is a popular hardwood flooring choice. The wood has a rosy undertone and grains are typically medium to heavy. White oak features a linear grain that stains smoothly and evenly. 
  • Hickory—Hickory has bold, complex graining so it works well as wider planks.
  • Maple—This wood’s grains are smooth and subtle, almost creamy. 
  • Walnut—Walnut flooring has a distinct, tight grain and is strong and dense. Additionally, this wood is typically more expensive because it’s more rare.  
  • Birch—Birch has a fine, straight grain and typically a lighter wood. 

Hardwood Flooring Companies

Graham’s has endless varieties of hardwood flooring choices to meet your needs from companies like:

  • Andersen
  • Armstrong
  • Bella Cera
  • Mullican
  • Shaw
  • Somerset

We’d love to chat about your hardwood flooring project options to help determine the best fit! Feel free to reach out!  Click here for a glimpse of our simple 3-step flooring plan if you’re a Fort Collins or Loveland customer ready for new floors.