If you want a tile backsplash that’s more unique than classic subway tiles, we have some inspirational ideas! Tile comes in so many materials, styles and colors so your kitchen can reflect your unique style and taste. Here are some backsplash trends to get your creative juices flowing. 

Large Tiles or Slabs 

Backsplashes are getting bigger! Newer trends include larger tile slabs, bigger subway tiles and backsplashes that extend all the way to the ceiling. Some designers say you should tile up to the bottom of kitchen cabinets, and if you don’t have upper cabinets, then tile at least 18”. An advantage of larger tiles…less grout to clean! 

Tile Patterns and Colors

Adding bold tile patterns can spice up your kitchen. You can find tiles in many different patterns: floral, Moorish, Moroccan, geometric, graphic print, etc. If you’d like to add some unique details, you can track down printed antique tiles. 

Tiles come in any color these days if you want something other than a classic white or a neutral gray. The possibilities are endless! You can also select a different color grout to compliment your tile or to help your tile pop. 

Tile Shapes and Layouts

Tiny, classic penny or hexagon-shaped tiles still have a classic feel but the shapes catch your eye. Plus, you can find uniquely-shaped tiles (have you seen triangle-shaped tiles?) in many different colors.

You have plenty of options when it comes to how you lay out your tile. Trendy layouts include Moroccan, mosaic, chevron, herringbone and fish scale. Some kitchens feature non-repeating patterns that expand as the tile crawls up the wall. It’s an unusual, but creative effect. You can really get creative! 

Unique Materials

It’s amazing how many tile materials you can use—glass, marble, metal, pebbles, stone, ceramic, porcelain…even mirrored tiles. Marble backsplash provides a timeless addition to your kitchen. If your kitchen lacks natural light, mirrored or metal tiles can brighten up your kitchen because they reflect light.  

Feeling like you want to add some trendy tile backsplashes to your kitchen or bathroom? Contact us for free design assistance! We’d love to help bring your creative idea to life! 

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