Some stores advertise free installation, which can seem like a great deal! However, look for hidden costs that make the “free installation” worthwhile to the big box store. We’ll cover common hidden costs and questions to ask before committing to “free installation” of your new flooring. 


You want to ensure that your carpet will be installed correctly–even if it’s a “free installation” deal. Ask about the company’s relationship with their installers, and perhaps even who will install your carpet and their experience. Your new carpet needs to last! 

Hidden Charges

Some stores make carpet installation more complicated than needed. They charge extra for removing and hauling away your old carpet or overcharge for the carpet pad. At Graham’s Flooring and Design, we are up front and honest about all of our charges. Our estimates include all installation charges, so you won’t see any hidden costs or fees. 

Precise Measurements

If you don’t have correct measurements, it can cost you money and time. Thankfully, Graham’s Design Team uses expert technology to measure your home for new carpet. Plus, we’ll help you choose the best pad for your updated carpet, and can work with you to find carpet to fit your needs. And we can do all of this from the comfort of your own home!    

Want an accurate, realistic quote for your carpet replacement in Fort Collins or Loveland? Give us a call today to help! Check out the simple overview of our 3-step flooring plan as well.