Let’s get to know the amazing Graham’s Flooring & Design Team!

Andrea and Kevin (Owners)

In late 2014, Kevin and Andrea took over as owners of Graham’s Flooring & Design. They wanted to own a business where they could positively impact their community as well as building lasting relationships.

Kevin enjoys working with customers and helping guide them through their projects and seeing the stunning transformation. He also loves working with such a fun, positive and hard-working team at Graham’s. He appreciates the opportunity to be actively involved in the community as a volunteer. Kevin has over 25 years’ experience in Operations, Customer Service and Quality. He has helped bring technology, quality and teamwork to Graham’s Flooring & Design.  

Andrea has been involved in the  business for over 5 years now. In that time she has done everything from estimating, to marketing to sales and sales management. She is currently managing the property management and rental side of the business. Andrea loves the relationship with the Property Managers and being able to provide fast solutions in rental situations with the best possible customer service. She also loves the partnership with the installers who are the ones who make everything happen. There are not nearly as many design elements to rental properties, but it is incredibly satisfying to help owners renew their properties for new tenants. 

For Andrea, the very best part of the work at Graham’s is the culture and team that we have built. Everyone on the Graham’s team is an absolute rock star and that makes coming to work every day easy. It also makes it possible for us to give top notch customer service to everyone who walks in our door.

Regina (Design and Sales)

Regina has been in design/sales for the home for about 11 years. Regina’s experience and gifts for amazing customer service have been enhanced by Graham’s Flooring & Design’s secret weapon named Kathryn! Kathryn, who is a formally trained designer, has guided the design team in our own design course that has really helped to refine and solidify our design support for our customers . 

Regina has been working for Graham’s Flooring and Design for 4 plus years. In Regina’s words, “the culture that we have within our work team is definitely the best thing about Graham’s Flooring and Design. It is amazing to come to work everyday with a team that loves what they do. No one calls out sick just because of a silly excuse. We have each other’s backs at all times.  Our team celebrates wins that we each have throughout the week. We are radical about coming up with solutions to problems that are small or big. The Graham’s team has fun at work even through crazy Covid- 19 times. We are a wonderful work family that loves and supports each other through the daily life we call work.”

Kim (Design and Sales)

Kim has been with Graham’s for 2 years. She began working for a hardwood floor company in Boulder 16 years ago. Her experience with wood has expanded over the years and she is truly an expert in all things wood flooring. For the last 5 years, she has had the pleasure of selling all types of flooring. Kim really enjoys working with customers and helping them choose and design the flooring/tile options that best fit their lifestyle and budget.

Kim feels that Kevin and Andrea have really created a wonderful team at Graham’s. In addition, she also loves the partnership we have with our installers and customers. It really helps a project from start to finish. She feels like Graham’s provides such a wonderful customer experience.  It is truly a  pleasure coming to work every day.

YaYa (Sales Support and First Point of Contact)

Yaya wears many hats at Graham’s, including managing the reception area, sales first point of contact, social media marketing, office coordinator and workplace culture promoter. She joined the Graham’s Team in January of 2019. Since joining the team, she’s enjoyed learning about fascinating subjects that tie into the flooring industry such as, color theory, interior design, social media marketing, the makeup of different flooring products and her personal favorite, how to ride and operate a forklift. The most important thing she has learned from working at Graham’s Flooring & Design is the balance between providing a valued service to our customers and keeping our company’s values top of mind. We love providing excellent service and pride ourselves in giving back to the community that supports our business.

Yaya loves her job because the diversity of the work that she does ensures that no day is like any other. She has coworkers that believe in her and push her to explore her creative limits. Having a workplace environment that appreciates the work she does and the appreciation for her hard work she puts in at the end of the day is what keeps her coming into work every morning. 

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