Some people prefer neutral colors, but others prefer spicing up their homes with bold colors and lively patterns. For a big impact that’s on trend, choose a bold, colorful floor tile in bathrooms, kitchens or laundry rooms. 

Funky Patterns

Tiles come in so many different patterns! Or, create a floor pattern on your own using tiles (herringbone, chevron, etc.). You can get patterns in all sorts of patterns and colors. Bold black and white patterns, red and white checkered tiles and colorful Moroccan styles are just some of the patterns you could select to liven up your floor. 

Glossy, Bold Colors

Glossy, shiny tile has replaced matte as a finish. And these shiny tiles look spectacular in bold, jeweled tones. Select hues that are dramatic or neutral depending on the vibe you’re going for in your space. Give any of these a try on your bathroom floor to really make a statement. 


Bring some of the past into your home with retro-inspired tile. For example, some use penny tiles in a bold, colorful pattern or retro black and white white checkered tiles. 


Sprinkling some metallic tiles around is a dramatic way to add some sheen and shimmer to your space. Perhaps you find a tile pattern with a metallic accent or you create a pattern and throw in a few metallic or sparkly tiles. 

Interested in seeing how tiles could spice up your space? We can show you samples and give you some free design advice. Reach out for a free consultation so we can help liven up your home!