Choosing new carpet for your home is exciting! New carpet instantly gives your home a fresh new look. There are so many available fibers, colors, patterns and styles!

Did you know that you also have different carpet pads to choose from as well? People talk about different types of carpet, but you might not be as aware of the different types of carpet pads. Don’t worry…we’ll navigate through different carpet pad choices so you can choose the best one for you. And Graham’s Flooring & Design is always available to provide recommendations as well! 

Importance of Carpet Padding

Think of your carpet pad as your carpet’s foundation. You can get amazing carpet, but you need a carpet pad to support your carpet. Carpet padding offers several benefits: 

  • Insulates your home 
  • Absorbs sound
  • Provides comfort

It’s important to note that carpet padding is often measured by its density. You’ll often see density details included in product descriptions (for example, 5 lb., 6 lb, 8 lb.). Let’s look at a few different types of common carpet pads. 

Rebond Padding

Rebond carpet padding is a popular type, so you’ve likely had this type of padding before. It’s made from scraps of recycled foam that are bonded together, which makes it multi-colored. Rebond padding is typically a cheaper type of padding that comes in different densities.   

Frothed Urethane Foam

Frothed foam sounds like a fancy coffee drink, but it’s actually a durable type of dense carpet pad. It’s made from liquid foam ingredients that are frothed together. Frothed urethane foam is more expensive than other types of carpet pads, but it’ll likely outlast your carpet. When you replace your carpet, you can probably reuse this pad for the next round of carpet.

Memory Foam

If you’ve ever squished a memory foam mattress or pillow, you can understand how memory foam carpet pads offer next-level comfort at every step. Memory foam isn’t as durable because it gets squished down and stretched. However, it’s comfortable and great for toddlers or people with joint issues. 

Waffle Rubber and Flat Rubber Pad

These types of carpet pads appear like their name implies—waffle-textured rubber pads or a flat rubber carpet pad. Waffle rubber pads are often placed on concrete and are inexpensive. However, other types of carpet pads perform better and are less expensive, so rubber carpet pads aren’t used as much. Flat rubber pads are dense, durable and heavy, but usually more expensive. One aspect that people like about flat rubber pads is the pads don’t emit VOCs and rubber is antimicrobial. As a result, rubber pads are ideal for someone with allergies or other sensitivities. 


So how much does carpet padding cost? Cost generally varies, but it’s typically about $0.50-$2.75 per square foot. Lower cost padding includes rebond and waffle rubber pads while more expensive padding includes urethane foam and flat rubber pads. 

Have more carpet pad questions? Curious about specific costs? We can help! Give us a call today