Installing hardwood flooring is an investment in your home and they look gorgeous when they’re first installed. You want to take excellent care of your flooring to make your floors last as long as possible. Here are some recommendations to prolong the life of your wood flooring. 

Protect your Floors from Furniture

Add furniture pads to table legs, chairs, coffee tables, couches, etc. Place pads under rugs for extra protection as well. Scratches create eyesores on your beautiful floors! 

Wipe Up Spills

Wet spills can damage floors due to swelling and shrinking depending on moisture levels. Clean up any spills immediately. Ask your family to take off wet shoes and try to keep humidity levels between 30 and 50 percent. You’ll also want to remove any sticky messes ASAP. 

Sweep Often

Dust and pet hair will be more noticeable on your hardwood floors, so sweep up dirt with a microfiber dust mop regularly. A gentle microfiber dust mop won’t scratch your floors and can effectively clean your floors. This way you can prevent dust from settling between floor boards and into the wood grain. Plus, you’ll make sure crumbs and dirt (and anything else tracked in from outside) won’t scratch your floors. It’s also a good idea to ask folks to remove their shoes…it’ll prolong the life of your floors! 


You’ll want to use products that are safe for your floors. Some flooring manufacturers have specific product recommendations. Use a hardwood-safe cleaner and spray a fine mist directly on a duster for slightly damp maintenance. Always wipe the flooring until no moisture is visible.

Here are some other ways to maintain your floors:

  • Never use wax, polish, soap, detergent, shine enhancer or varnish.
  • Use a dust mop or vacuum cleaner with soft bristle brush for dry maintenance.
  • Don’t use any cleaning machines like spray mops, steam cleaners/mops or power cleaners.
  • Try to maintain the humidity in your home to at least 20% to avoid gapping between boards.

Refinishing in the Future

Under regular use, hardwood floors lose their protective layer and need refinishing every 10-12 years. Although heavy use and pets can reduce that time. Refinishing a wood floor can make it brand new and even change the entire look of a room, based on the finish color you choose. So enjoy your floors now and maintain them to prolong your gorgeous floors as long as possible. 

Ready for New, Beautiful Hardwood Floors?

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