New carpet makes your home look amazing! There’s just something about brand new carpet that makes your home feel cozy and inviting. You want to keep your carpet looking new as long as possible. This post will cover some things you can do to make your carpet look good for longer. 

Vacuum Regularly

The most important thing you can do is to suck up the dirt, hair and dust that can settle into carpet and adhere to carpet fibers. Vacuum regularly—even daily if you’re able to do so. You can even get one of those vacuums that cleans your carpets for you! Experts recommend that you vacuum 2-3 times per week with your regular, powerful vacuum if you have an active family. Spend 2-3 passes on lower-traffic areas and 4-6 passes on higher traffic spots. Clean up spills, sticky messes and crumbs as soon as you see them so the messes don’t get ground into your carpet. 

Leave Your Shoes at the Door

Try to get in the habit of leaving your shoes at the door to prevent outside dirt and grime from touching your carpet. Dirt eventually works its way into carpet backing and wears down fibers. Surface dirt and grime can dull the look of carpet as well. Place rugs and mats near entryways for dirty shoes. It’s much easier to clean dirty mats and rugs than your carpet!  You can also use area rugs on high-traffic areas to save your carpet. 

Rearrange your Furniture

Leaving your furniture in the same spot for years causes carpet to get packed down and causes permanent indentations. Plus, rearranging your furniture makes a new path for foot traffic so carpet doesn’t get worn in one area. 

Leave It to the Professionals

Have your carpet professionally cleaned regularly. Larger families usually get their carpet cleaned more often, like every 6 months to a year. If your family is smaller and less active, usually every 18 to 24 months is sufficient. Professional cleaning lifts spots and soil from your carpet using steam cleaning. Renting your own carpet cleaner won’t get your carpets as clean as the professionals can. Professionals’ truck-mounted equipment provides the power and rinse capabilities needed to remove deep dust, allergens, greasy residues and gunk that’s become embedded into the carpet.

Make sure the cleaners are reputable so your carpet is in good hands. You can select Certified Carpet Cleaners who will ensure that any chemicals used are safe for your carpet. They’ll also make sure excess water is removed so your carpet will dry faster. The company will also rinse your carpet so the residue won’t attract dirt. If your carpet has a warranty, sometimes carpet cleaning is required, so you’ll want to save all cleaning receipts. 

Have Carpet Questions?


Hopefully this post provides some strategies to ensure that your carpet lasts as long as possible! Feel free to reach out if you have carpet questions or want to get new carpet for your home.