The pandemic forced more of us to stay at home in 2020, and also shifted our way of thinking a bit. As we continue to spend more time at home in 2021, people are rethinking their spaces and updating their homes. Another potential result of the pandemic is that more soothing colors are trending for 2021. Additionally, more sustainable materials and nature-inspired colors are on trend for 2021. 


Pantone picks a Color of the Year, and they also forecast color trends. Forecasted colors trickle into fashion and home decor, such as paint colors and home decor. According to Pantone’s Fashion Color Trend Report, we’ll see a trend in warmer color palettes in Spring and Summer of 2021. Core Classic Colors include Desert Mist (a powdery sandy feel), Willow (a canopy of green that reveals and conceals) and Buttercream (an easy and effortless off-white). In addition, some designers predict ocean-themed hues like blue, aqua and mint will trend in 2021. Benjamin Moore picked a blue hue called Aegean Teal 2136-40 as its “Color of the Year” for 2021

Home Decor

According to an article about 2021 design trends by, green kitchen cabinets will emerge as a home decor trend. Green works well in both cool and warm kitchens, so keep an eye out for this trend. Lighter and darker darker cabinets also will be popular in 2021. 

Additional 2021 design trends include: 

  • Mismatched bedroom sets: identical bedroom sets don’t reflect personal style. Coordinated, yet mismatched pieces will gain popularity. 
  • Industrial elements: Shelving, furniture and decor will feature more industrial-looking details like wood and metal elements, exposed beams, etc. 
  • Rattan furniture and details: Woven palm stems are woven together to create rattan.The look of rattan looks good indoors and outdoors, and adds a natural element to your decor. You’ll see rattan light fixtures and other home decor items that feature rattan. 
  • Reclaimed wood: Sustainable goods continue to be popular, and reclaimed wood will also be popular in 2021. 
  • Vintage finds: What’s old is new again! Repurposed goods, retro finds and antiques all work together to add unique decor details to your home. You can incorporate vintage pieces into your space—think furniture, fabric and home accessories.


Yes, wallpaper is gaining popularity! Floral and nature-inspired waterpaper, wallpaper murals, textured weave and whimsical prints continue to emerge as wallpaper trends. You can really get creative and express your personal taste by adding some wallpaper to your home. Another wallpaper trend—peel and stick wallpaper. It’s an easy way to upgrade your space! 

Outdoor Spaces

Safely socializing at home means spending more time outside. As a result, more people plan to update their outdoor spaces because it’s an extension of their home. If you’re looking for ideas, think about patios, decks, gardens, greenhouses to update your outdoor space. Consider how you can transform your outdoor space to be more inviting for your family and for safe entertaining. Some homeowners are even adding swimming pools and hot tubs with more time being spent at home.   

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