Are you ready to sell your home? Are you looking for ways to spruce up and add pizazz for potential buyers (without breaking the bank)? These 8 tips will help give your house that extra “wow” factor for potential buyers.

1. Cushions

These accessories are a great way to update a room by adding both texture and pop of color.

2. Rugs

A large, deep rug can warm up a room and also add style. Grahams Flooring and Design offers a variety of custom rug options, please call us and set up a complimentary consultation!

3. Fruit and Flowers

Use large rimmed vases or big glass bowls to display fruit in your kitchen. This is a great way to add a splash of color. Also, simple flower arrangements for your dining or kitchen tables smell great and add finishing touches.

4. Toiletries

Get the good higher end toiletries, such as hand soaps, lotions, and bath salts. You can purchase travel sized bottles at reasonable prices.

5. New bedding

You will want to update at least the master bedroom, but stay away from loud garish or floral patterns. Adding a good quality throw and decorative pillows is also a good idea. Try plain bedding with tasteful cushions and throws for additional bedrooms.

6. Towels

Used Towels don’t ever look the same as brand new ones. Treat your home to gorgeous new towels, and make sure no one uses them! They are for show only!

7. Atmosphere

Soft music and subtle fragrances are nice finishing touches. Soothing background music makes buyers want to linger, and scented candles (vanilla or cinnamon – are clean inviting fragrances) just make sure they are not overpowering.

8. Cleaning floors

Getting your flooring cleaned before showing is a must, not only does it leave your house looking refreshed, but it can give new life to your carpet. There are several places to shop in the Fort Collins and Loveland areas with great deals on these items.

(Source: Sam Ashdown)