Hey its Regina with Graham’s Flooring and Design.

So today we’re here to talk about what sets Grahams apart from other companies on the market. When you call in to make an appointment for either your residential, business, or property manager project, then we will be asking specific questions about what the project entails.

What your price range is? What colors you might be thinking about? Which style of different products that we have to offer? So we can properly bring the samples to your home or business. So, then from there we’re going to walk down the project with you. From that point, we’re going to be noticing what are your transitions, what are the products that we’re taking out and how easy is it going to be to install your new floor.

We are your project managers on your team. So if you need anything at all, we’ll be the ones that you’re contacting throughout the whole project. Regina Dvorak with Graham’s flooring and design