Now, more than ever, we truly appreciate our customers and enjoy helping customers improve their homes. We love hearing about how new flooring has transformed their living space and impacted their personal lives. 

One Family’s Flooring Story

For example, one customer’s family had several members who suffered from extreme asthma and allergies. Much of the main floor was carpeted, which aggravated some existing health issues for two family members. The family’s father couldn’t spend time on the home’s main level because the carpet irritated his allergies. Instead, he’d spend time on the porch after work and then head to bed. The family’s oldest daughter rarely came home from college because the carpet irritated her lungs and aggravated her asthma. When she was home, she’d spend time outside and would miss out on family time. 

Graham’s Design Team helped the family find laminate flooring that fit their family’s lifestyle, and we installed it to replace the existing carpet. It’s made a huge difference for their family! “A complete 180,” according to our customer. Now the family can spend time together on the main level and gather in the kitchen like they used to do. Plus, their daughter enjoyed a week at home from college without having breathing issues. Check out our customer’s testimonial in her own words. 

Want your own flooring transformation story? 

We spend more time at home these days, so it’s a good time for flooring updates. Please contact us for flooring options for your home! You can also click here for a glimpse of our simple 3-step flooring plan for Fort Collins and Loveland flooring.