Wondering what styles and trends we are seeing for design and flooring in 2023? Are there differences in trends in Northern Colorado? 

We are here to help guide you in knowing what’s in and maybe what is not as “in” for your next flooring project. Colorado, and especially Northern Colorado can be a bit delayed in home design trends, but the area seems to tend to lean toward the more comfortable, casual and natural styles.


Hard Surface Flooring Trends2023 Flooring Trends

In terms of types of flooring, we are seeing a continuance of hard surface flooring, whether it be wood, laminate or vinyl plank flooring. People want durability and the hard surface flooring options provide that. 

Where oak has become something less desirable, we are now seeing many people embracing the existing oak floors they have, and extending them into other parts of their homes. Finishes are typically natural, often no stain at all or lighter stains. And it seems that the natural hickory will never go out of style in our area. 

Tile Trends

We are still seeing lots of tile in baths and laundry rooms but for the budget conscious person, there are now some amazing looks in sheet vinyl (think linoleum). Cool caustic retro tile looks in both the real tile and the sheet vinyl are terrific in smaller spaces such as laundry rooms. 

For tile, we continue to see a lot of subway tile, although with a bit more variation like the hand painted and undulated (wavy) look. We are also seeing some mixing of textures of the same tile (matte with glossy or smooth and wavy).

In our kitchens and baths, we are seeing a resurgence in pebble tiles and natural stone looks such as marble and brick.


Carpet will never fully go away, particularly for bedrooms and often family rooms or basements. Carpet adds that warm cozy feel that we all crave in the Colorado winters. For those who don’t want much carpet, we are also seeing homeowners substitute hard surface flooring with custom area rugs, which can also warm up a space and be a bit less permanent. 

Outdoor Spaces

Finally, we continue to see huge trends in bringing the outdoors in as well as spending more time in our own backyards. Natural materials like wood, wool and rattan are great ways to bring that outdoor feel inside. And with all the time spent in our yards we see more outdoor tile and pavers. 

Home Design Color Trends for 20232023 Flooring Trends

Color trends for this year have been moving away from the cool grays and into softer, more natural tans, beiges and greiges. Many people tend to like the colors in between that can be either gray or beige. 

With hard surface wood look products, we are seeing the lighter colors, more natural wood tones and a bit more of a clean look. Less variation in colors in those wood floors. We are seeing a bit more pops of color, especially blues and greens, but some of the softer colors like pink as well. 

For carpet we are seeing a move back to the lighter carpets such as beige, cream and even whites. More durable patterns as well continue to be popular, particularly on stairs. 



Interested in learning more about flooring trends or seeing how we can help in your next project? Our team is here to help!