Tile backsplashes originally started as a practical way to keep kitchen and bath walls clean and protected from water. Over the years they have become the focal point for design of a kitchen or bath. They can offer that pop of color or style that no other surface can provide. Here are some of the top tile trends we are seeing this year in Northern Colorado.



We are seeing a lot of color this year in backsplashes – and we love it! Blues and greens are a big hit this year in all different variations. Of course we continue to see a lot of white, cream and gray as well in bathrooms and kitchens alike. Another trend that we are seeing emerge in the tile market is the use of a combination of matte and glossy tile in the same color, or smooth and wavy or variegated. This is a great way to do some fun things without being over the top bold.

We are also seeing a more “hand painted” tile look, with variations of the color of each tile, becoming more popular. popular.


Shapes and Style

We continue to see a lot of subway tile but definitely in a larger variety of sizes. We are rarely doing much with 3”x6” tile these days, but more of the 3”x12” or 4”x12” or sometimes even larger. And then some people really like to do smaller rectangular tiles as well which allows for a variation in pattern such as herringbone patterns.

Another trend we have seen is a the more unique shapes such as the picket or the fish scale tile shapes. People might do a more bold and colorful tile in these shapes with an offset grout color that really makes that shape pop. And of course we continue to see a lot of people being drawn to the hexagon shape in a variety of sizes.


What is Out

This year we are seeing a big decrease in the number of people doing the linear glass tiles or the multi-colored glass tiles. People are also moving away from that traditional 3×6 subway tile. And of course, we are seeing very little larger format tiles for backsplashes these days. While some people still like natural stone, there are so many options these days for porcelain or ceramic tile that is made to look like natural stone with less maintenance.


Other Up & Coming Tile Trends

One of the things that we see a lot of homeowners doing these days is taking the tile all the way to the ceiling on walls where backsplash tile is going. Rather than just going to the bottom of the cabinet, the trend has been to cover the whole wall. It allows for a continuance of that design pop and can make the room feel larger. And we are finally seeing the patterned and geometric tiles taking hold here in Northern Colorado. That farmhouse look with the caustic tile is a great throwback and addition of style that make a big impact on any kitchen or bath!


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