Tile floors are a big hit here in Northern Colorado. Particularly in bathroom, kitchen and laundry areas. Tile flooring is durable, beautiful and timeless. Here are some of the top tile trends we are seeing this year for design, shape and layout…

Most Popular Floor Tile Designs

Hexagon Tile

Hexagons have become a very popular shape tile to have on floors in varying sizes. Small hexagons in shower floors as well as the larger sizes like 6”, 8” and even 12″ and 15”. They can bring a little interest to an otherwise simple or solid colored tile.

Using a contrasting grout can really make the shape pop and make a space feel more fun and modern. And we are even seeing people blend one color into the next to make a strong statement!

Encaustic Tiles

Traditional Encaustic tiles are made a bit differently than a porcelain or ceramic tile. They are made using different colors of clay to create various colors and looks and then cooked in a kiln to harden. The look is very popular right now and many of the tiles we see are copies of that look using porcelain and ceramic.

Encaustic tiles give any space of fun with a bit of old world charm. They are a great way to make a room pop with fun shapes and styles and look amazing in a laundry, bath or even an entryway.

6×6 with Varied Geometric Shapes

One of the newest looks we are seeing are the smaller 6”x6” tiles with different geometric shapes on each tile. They give a space a unique look and each floor can look a bit different depending on the way the tile is laid out. It can be laid in a random pattern as well as a more structured pattern.

The other trend with this type of tile is a combination of glossy and matte finish within the same tile to give an even bigger contrast within the tile colors. We think this kind of tile will continue to grow in popularity this year into next.

Black and White Tile

Black and white tile together is making a big comeback this year in a variety of formats. We have seen a return to the retro look of small white, often hexagon shaped tiles mixed with some black tiles to make a variety of shapes and borders. Definitely a throw back to the early 1900’s and absolutely gorgeous. Some of the smaller tiles come with the design already made with tile on one sheet, but there are endless options for various border shapes and sizes with the combination of white and black. 

In addition, we are seeing some absolute white and black being put on floors as another throwback look. The checkered look has made a resurgence, especially for laundry floors and can be updated with new sizes outside a traditional square tile. Or creating a space with white tile surrounded by a black border has also been a new trend.

Marble Look

The marble look continues to be a hot tile in northern Colorado. There are a ton of options for a marble looking tile without the hassle of a natural stone. We see it not only on floors but in counters and backsplashes as well. It is a clean and classy look that can bring a beautiful update to flooring in any room.