Thinking about new flooring for your business? 

There are a variety of different needs that make the flooring requirements different in commercial or business settings. Commercial settings typically have higher amounts of traffic, including foot traffic as well as possible rolling traffic from chairs, wheelchairs, carts, etc. In addition, in a commercial setting, you will typically have more of a need to make sure the flooring is slip-resistant and safe from issues with possible water or, in the case of restaurants, spilled food. And finally, in most cases, there isn’t a need for soft or cozy-feeling carpet in a commercial setting.

Here are some types of flooring to consider when planning for commercial flooring:

Luxury Vinyl Plank

Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP) is an excellent choice for many commercial settings. Unlike the flooring you might put in your home, the best flooring in a commercial or business setting is adhered to the floor using adhesive. The benefit of this kind of product is that it doesn’t have a locking system at the edges that could potentially break with high traffic or heavy weight loads. In addition, if an area of LVP is damaged in some way, it is easier to replace just one or two planks than floating flooring.

LVP comes in a wide range of thickness options as well as wear layers for durability. So depending on what issues you may have in your business, there is an LVP made to withstand the “pressure” and hold up to your needs. It also comes in a wide range of wood looks and colors, so there is some kind of LVP for almost every office design. And if a wood look is not in your design portfolio, there are tile options available as well.


Sheet Vinyl

What people often refer to as “linoleum” is called sheet vinyl and can be a great option for a variety of commercial settings. Commercial sheet vinyl is typically thicker than residential vinyl and more durable for high rolling loads and foot traffic. It is particularly well made for medical settings where surfaces need to be cleaned and sanitized often. Sheet vinyl has a few areas where dirt and germs can get stuck, and when seams are required, there are specific methods that are used to seal those that are problematic. In addition, commercial sheet vinyl is made to roll up onto the wall to create a continuous surface, so water and fluids don’t have ways to get underneath the vinyl as well.



Tile is by far the most durable product out there and is a fantastic option in almost any commercial setting. It is frequently used in bathrooms on the floor as well as on walls to protect from moisture. It is particularly helpful in entries and kitchens, where moisture can present a challenge. There are a variety of tile options that can be selected to provide the most slip resistance in those wet surface areas. Tile is also a great way to give any commercial space a design element that may otherwise be a plain or stagnant area. It can be used as a backsplash or to create a focal wall in most any business setting.



Commercial carpet is different from residential carpet. It is typically glued down to the floor, as opposed to a residential carpet that is stretched on top of a cushion or pad. This tends to make commercial carpet more durable for high amounts of foot traffic. It is typically a short, dense looped carpet that can hold up well to traffic, as well as weight and wheeled traffic. It tends to make a room feel warmer and can also be a great option for bringing color and design to a space. Commercial carpet varies widely in its design options, from simple, solid colors to a huge array of designs and colors. And it comes in both carpet rolls, also called broadlume, and carpet tiles.

Carpet tile comes with its own additional benefits, not only in terms of increased design options but also in ease of repair when one or two tiles might need to be replaced.


Depending on the kind of business and the budget of the project, there are fantastic options for commercial flooring that can be functional and fashionable. We at Graham’s Flooring and Design are happy to help you with your next commercial project.