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Vacation Rental - The 6 Best Options for Vacation Rental Flooring

The 6 Best Options for Vacation Rental Flooring

Choosing flooring for your vacation rental is different from choosing flooring for an owner-occupied home because flooring in a rental property generally undergoes more wear and tear. What’s more, tenants are less likely to care for a home the same way an owner would. When choosing flooring for your vacation property, you want to pick something that will help you maximize your return on investment (ROI). As such, there are…

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Furniture on Flooring 840x424 - Protecting Floors from Furniture

Protecting Floors from Furniture

You may love tile, hardwood, or laminate: we love them all! And yet, sometimes your furniture doesn’t. Couches and tables, bookshelves and chairs can scratch, dent, and chip your beautiful floor; but never fear, there are remedies and rescues for every type of flooring! Carpet Nobody wants dents or tears in their carpet! Here are a few ways to avoid carpetastrophe or repair the damage already done. Prevention:  Use carpet…

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Cleaning tile floor with mop, top view. Space for text

Caring for Your Tile Floor

Elegant tile floors make an immediate statement once you walk in the door. Tiles are a versatile flooring choice that offers endless choices. If you’re interested in seeing some tile options, check out our tile page or contact us!  Tiles are a durable flooring choice with plenty of benefits. Different tile types require varying levels of care. Ceramic and porcelain tiles require low maintenance. Coarser stone tiles (slate, marble, granite…

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