It’s about that time of year again, when people will be stomping into your home wearing boots. They’ll be tracking in mud and snow, clumping about, and leaving behind remnants of the outdoors. These leftovers—water and dirt—aren’t good for your flooring. However, there are types of flooring that are more resistant to these elements. 

Here, our Best Flooring Series addresses the best flooring for your entryways! Visit our blog to learn more about the best flooring for your bathroom, basement, kitchen, bedroom, mountain cabin, and home gym.

What Goes Into Our Picks?

When considering the best floor covering for your entryway, we looked at these four factors: water resistance, ease of cleaning, durability, and design options. The entrance to your home is going to see a lot of snow, water, dirt, and foot traffic, therefore, it needs to be resistant to water, easy to clean, and have the ability to withstand heavy use. It is also the first thing that people see upon entering your home. So, it should make a good impression!

What Are The Best Types Of Flooring For Your Entryway?

As a result of our criteria, we have a pretty short list of appropriate flooring options for entryways.


Tile is our top pick for entryway flooring. Porcelain tile, in particular, is incredibly durable, water resistant, and beautiful! But ceramic, porcelain, and stone tiles are all excellent options.

Water Resistance

Tile, in general, absorbs less water than other floor coverings, making it very water resistant. However, porcelain tile is darn near waterproof!

Porcelain tile is ceramic tile with a higher concentration of kaolin and other additives like quartz and feldspar. This fine mixture is then heated to higher temperatures than regular ceramic making it even denser and “more impervious to water,” according to The Spruce.

Ease of Cleaning

Tile is very easy to clean up by simply sweeping regularly and mopping (with rag or non-sponge mop) using water only. Always remember to wipe up the excess water instead of air-drying. Grout has come a long way. You may need to use a grout cleaner or a DIY baking soda and water solution from time to time, but then again, you might not! Learn more about caring for your tile flooring.Fort Collins tile entryway flooring in chevron pattern.


Porcelain tile is durable enough to be used in commercial settings! It can definitely withstand the foot traffic at your residential home.

Design Options

Tile has amazing design options! It can even look like hardwood if you want. However, we love some of the more creative tile options. Make your entryway stand out! Have fun with colors, textures, and patterns. Or display a timeless beauty with stone or a wood look.


Though tile is an ideal choice for your entryway flooring, there are still a couple of drawbacks. They are cold to the touch in winter temperatures. However, you aren’t often on that entryway flooring in your bare feet and a rug or two is an excellent remedy. You will need to make sure that the tile you are using is properly sealed if necessary. Most ceramic and porcelain will be fine, but stone tile will need sealant.


Laminate flooring has come so far, and we love it. It’s durable, easy to clean & install, but most of all it’s affordable! Rather than spending the money on hardwood, you can get the less expensive wood look laminate and still love the style and wow your guests.

Entryway with Fort Collins laminate flooring.

Water Resistance

Laminate is treated to resist moisture, making it an ideal choice for an entryway. That water resistance also makes it is easy to quickly wipe up messes and puddles.

Ease of Cleaning

Laminate floors are a dream to clean! You’ll simply need to vacuum regularly and use a microfiber mop, dampened with water or a laminate-safe spray cleaner, monthly. Of course, wipe up spills as you see them. This is minimal-worry flooring! Learn more about caring for your laminate flooring.


Laminate is created to be durable. It is treated with heat and pressure to make it resistant to more than just water. Laminate is also nearly invulnerable to scratching, staining, and force or impact. To prolong the life of your flooring (which is 25 years and up in the case of laminate) it is always a good idea to place door mats and rugs in this high-traffic area.

Design Options

Laminate flooring comes in a variety of design options. Choose from oak, maple, hickory, walnut, ash, bamboo, Brazilian cherry, and more!


If you do sustain damage to a plank of laminate flooring, you will need to replace it. That’s why it is always recommended to buy a little more than you need and store it. Be careful not to use rubber- or latex-backed rugs as they can stain laminate.

Luxury Vinyl

Luxury vinyl tile and planks are a game-changer. They are water resistant, durable, and come in such a range of style and design options while remaining within an affordable price point.

Water Resistance

Vinyl flooring ranges from highly water resistant to waterproof. They are an excellent choice for any area where spills and moisture are prevalent.

Ease of Cleaning

Vinyl is a no-brainer when it comes to ease of cleaning. Simply vacuum and mop with a gentle soap. No need to polish! 


Vinyl is a terrific choice for the heavy foot traffic of your entryway because it is so durable. In fact, it has a wear layer to combat stains and scratches. Vinyl can last 10–20 years or more! 

Design OptionsLuxury vinyl design options from Fort Collins flooring company.

LVT and LVP can look like so many other flooring types! The design possibilities seem endless. Vinyl can look like marble, wood, concrete, limestone, and more. Or go a route less “natural” and use a patterned vinyl. And the options don’t end with the choice of material. Next, you’ll need to design the pattern that the planks or tiles are laid in! Herringbone, offset, chevron, basket-weave—the sky’s the limit.


The cons of luxury vinyl aren’t many. Though extremely durable, it can still dent under extreme pressure and tends to scratch more easily than laminate. However, there is a range of quality in vinyl that allows for a more resistant wear layer. In addition, glue down LV can be difficult to remove.

Why Not Hardwood?

Hardwood, though absolutely lovely, can pose a challenge when it comes to moisture and it is vulnerable to dirt and scratches. Not ideal for an entryway! However, if you already have hardwood there—don’t get rid of it! Hardwood flooring adds to your property value. Plus, it is beautiful. You’ll just need to take extra care with it. Cover it with rugs that you clean often. Wipe up spills and water quickly. And clean your hardwood floors often and correctly.

What Do You Choose?

Before the mud and snow start to make their way into your precious home, make sure your entryway flooring can withstand the elements. Considering the water resistance, ease of cleaning, durability, and design options of the different types of floor coverings available, our experience is that tile, laminate, and luxury vinyl are the way to go. Look for flooring that not only meets the unique needs of your foyer but also impresses those that step inside your door. So, what makes the best sense for you and your space?

How Can Graham’s Flooring & Design Help?

We hope our suggestions for entryway flooring have helped! But if you need more information, the experts here at Graham’s Flooring & Design are more than happy to chat! 

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