You love your home, but there are a few areas where it is starting to get a bit dated. Or maybe you’ve just moved in to a new home that needs new flooring. Maybe the carpet is a bit matted or the wood floors could use some work. You may not have any idea what new floors cost. Let us give you a peek at what new floors cost these days and what you can expect in terms of quality.*


 One of the best ways to update a home. It makes an immediate difference in the way the space looks and is very cost effective.

· In-stock carpet “Arizona” $3500 for 1000 square feet, including stairs. This is an easy, quick solution for updating a basement or vacation home. “Arizona” carpet looks great, it’s in-stock and can be purchased and installed in just a couple of days.

· Mid-grade polyester “Cape Cod” – $4000 for 1000 square feet, including stairs . “Cape Cod” mid-grade polyester carpet would work well for a variety of spaces. It is a plush, short pile. It looks great and feels lovely under your feet.

· Higher-grade Nylon “East Place I & II” – $5000 to $5800 for 1000 square feet, including stairs. “East Place I & II” high grade nylon carpets are superior choices. This carpet wears well, is very durable, and is available in a good selection of colors. As with “Cape Cod”, it will need to be custom ordered. It is extremely plush and should last 15+ years.

· Nylon patterned carpet on stairs – $1500 (this includes tear out and install). The stairs of your home are the focal point of the entry way or main room. Nylon patterned carpet will add some art and style to the stairs as well a trendy update. Nylon carpet is super durable, is resistant to matting and is the best choice for high trafficked areas.


Hardwood floors can get worn and dated. Getting a floor refinished can make a huge difference in the look of a house.

· Sand and finish existing wood $3500 for 1000 square feet (oil based) $4000 (water based).

· Screen and Coat – $750 for 1000 square feet (oil and water). Sometimes a wood floor only needs a new top coat to make it look fresh and new. If the scratches or worn areas don’t go down to the wood, this may be a great, inexpensive option.

Bathroom Floors

Updating a bathroom is another change that can significantly increase the look of a dated home, particularly when a bathroom has carpet or very dated vinyl. $1000 for 120 square feet. Pricing on Vinyl and Luxury Vinyl Plank will be lower on concrete floors. 


New vinyl is a simple solution to spiff up a bathroom and has come a long way in the looks that are available. It is also quick and easy to install. We carry a variety of vinyl looks in stock that can be installed within days.

Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP)

LVP is a vinyl that comes in a plank size (like wood) as well as a tile. A bit more updated than traditional vinyl, it’s beautiful, durable and can have the look of real wood or tile. For a nice upgrade and additional charge, the Luxury Vinyl Tile can be grouted. It will add a touch of class to any bathroom.

Waterproof Core (WPC)

Vinyl planks that click together for installation. WPC can mimic the looks of wood, tile, or polished concrete. Waterproof Core Vinyl can hide problems with a subfloor and are the hottest new product on the market.

Graham’s Flooring and Design makes the process of choosing and having your new flooring installed convenient and easy. An In-house designer will come to your home or office FREE of charge. Our designers will get to know you, work within your budget and walk you through every step of the process. Equipped with samples and expertise, they will help you come up with the best flooring solution based on your resources, décor, and lifestyle. They use the newest technology to design, measure, and accurately estimate your project.

When you do business with Graham’s Flooring and Design, you will have no surprises when it’s time to purchase for your flooring. And, when it is time to pay, Graham’s offers financing plans for qualified buyers.

*Prices are a rough estimate and can vary depending on a variety of factors in a home. A estimate is not accurate until we do a measure and do an exact measure of the space.