We love our four-legged friends! However, our pets can do a number on our floors. Pet nails bang up flooring, pet accidents are tough to remove completely and shedded hair means plenty of cleaning. The good news is that there are plenty of flooring options that can hold up to the wear and tear from your pets. If you’re planning on replacing flooring in the near future, there are flooring options that are better for pets than others. Here are some flooring recommendations if you have pets. 

Pet-friendly Flooring Qualities 

Water and scratch resistance are two recommended flooring qualities for pet owners. Pet accidents happen as much as you try to prevent them. Your pet will likely slop some water on your floors at some point or have an accident (or a few). Some flooring types get quickly damaged by even tiny amounts of liquid. 

If you’re interested in laminate flooring, you’ll want to look for flooring with a thick protective layer. Pets will scratch your floors unintentionally—their nails simply hit the floor while they walk. Select flooring where pet scratches don’t stand out (matte or low-gloss looks) and select scratch-resistant flooring. Some types of flooring can be refinished, so keep this in mind as you shop around. 

Tile and Stone Flooring

Tile floors are easy to vacuum and mop, water resistant and tiles resist stains. Additionally, you can clean your floors knowing that you’re eliminating the allergens and dirt that settle into other flooring options, such as carpet. Tile and stone floors don’t show scratches, so you don’t have to worry about that. 

A downside to tile and stone flooring is that it’s not the most comfortable flooring for your pet. It can be cold in the winter. Add rugs, a cozy cat condo or a plush pet bed to make your furry friends happy. 

Stain-Resistant Carpet

Nylon is a popular carpet fiber for homes with pets—it’s durable, soft, stain-resistant and holds up to wear over time. 

Some types of carpet include factory-applied treatments to resist stains, such as pet accidents. Don’t worry, this isn’t the same Scotchgard that’s sprayed on your couch during furniture cleaning. Instead, the manufacturing facility applies Scotchgard surrounding each individual fiber to protect the entire carpet, from fiber tips all the way through to the carpet backing. This provides complete stain and soil protection. Plus, the stain and soil resistance will never wash or wear off!

Another aspect to consider when selecting carpet is the color. With kids and pets in your home, it’s good to avoid carpet that’s too light or too dark. Instead, select a medium shade to hide any pet hair, spills and crumbs. 

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring is strong and scratch-resistant, so it’s going to last—even in high-traffic areas. It’s a great choice for children and pets, because it has a resin coating and a sturdy outside layer. It resists dents, scratches, fading and stains, so it’ll last in your home! The flooring is stain resistant, so spills and pet messes clean up easy. The average lifespan of laminate flooring is 25 years. 

Hopefully this post gives you some considerations as you select new flooring for your home and your furry friends. We’re always available for questions if you’d like to discuss pet-friendly flooring options or have questions. We hope to help you with your next flooring project!