Is new flooring on your list of home updates this year? Perhaps you spent too many hours staring at your old flooring while staying home in 2020. As we continue to spend more time at home, it’s time for a flooring update! New flooring can dramatically transform your space and give it a fresh look. If you need some inspiration, here are some flooring trends to get your creative juices flowing. Our free design team can offer some ideas as well…we’re always available to help

1. Natural Stains, Colors and Fibers

The chaotic world outside of our homes has led to a desire for a peaceful setting inside. As a result, more natural colors and stains are trending in hopes of creating a tranquil space inside. One 2021 flooring trend is a simple, clean, classic look without texture. Pale oak floors as well as walnut flooring have sold well. Plus, as more people use darker and colored cabinets, they want light-colored floors for contrast. 

A more unique flooring trend is using unusual dyes as flooring stains. Some flooring experts are exploring using organic wood stains that are obtained through tea or vegetable and fruit juices, such as pomegranate. 

Keep an eye out for more natural fibers (like wool and jute) and eco-friendly, sustainable carpet options. As more people realize their impact on the environment, the popularity of earth-friendly carpeting will increase.

2. Longer Boards

Using longer-length boards rather than a mixture of short, medium and long boards can make your space look larger. You’ll be able to see the longer lengths of the grain and more continuous lines. 

3. Comfort is Key

People are looking for comfy, and that goes for carpet as well. You’ll see more plush-style carpet in 2021 as people seek comfort at home. You can use a velvet-style pile or a luxurious-chunky loop and make your home feel like a luxurious hotel. 

4. Graphic Tiles and Wood Patterns

You have endless options for incorporating bold shapes and patterns in your home flooring. Whether you’re updating your carpet or hardwood, there are some fun flooring trends to explore. Here’s a post with some great tile ideas! Other popular trends include using wood planks to create patterns (chevron, herringbone), mixing wood and tiles to create a trickling pattern and using larger-shaped tiles. 

5. Distressed Flooring

If you’re going for a rustic feel, then you can select wood flooring that has a distressed look. Distressed flooring undergoes an artificial aging and styling process to give it a worn look. A newer trend is distressed concrete flooring. Like distressed wood flooring, the concrete undergoes an aging process to give it a lived-in look. This look goes well with industrial and modern-looking homes. 

Did these trends spark some ideas for a 2021 flooring update? We have plenty of amazing flooring to show you virtually or in person whether you live in Loveland or Fort Collins. Check out our hardwood, carpet and tile pages, and then give us a call