A professional, high-quality flooring installation is built to last. So if you’re going to be living with it for 10 or more years, you’d better make sure it is the right floor covering for you and your home!

The right flooring must accomplish two important jobs. It must:

  1. Meet your unique design needs 
  2. Meet your unique practical needs 

Design needs

Flooring is the foundation for your interior design. The flooring you choose will affect the furniture, the paint scheme, the lighting, the artwork, the window coverings—everything! When picking out your floor covering, you’ll need to consider:

  • Color
  • Pattern
  • Brightness
  • Materials
  • Your own design taste 

And remember, flooring that looks great in one home may look terrible in another. Though you’ll gain a ton of inspiration from exploratory research, you’ll have to apply it to your particular space and needs.

Practical needs

The right flooring has to stand up to your home’s level of traffic and be easy for you to maintain. However, flooring that’s easy to maintain for one home/person may be a huge hassle for another. This makes choosing the right floor covering the single largest practical interior design decision you will make. You’ll need to consider:

  • Level of foot traffic
  • Indoor pets
  • Country, suburban, or city living
  • Ease of maintenance
  • How long you intend to stay in the home
  • Your unique lifestyle factors


There are tens of thousands of floor covering options, and each year those increase as science develops better and better products. This is both good and bad: Good because there are more wonderful options than ever to meet your practical and design needs, but the downside is the huge array of options can make choosing the right floor confusing and frustrating, not to mention a little scary. After all, you don’t want to invest the time and money to get new flooring, only to find out once it’s installed that it’s too dark, too light, or a giant nuisance to keep clean.


Pitfalls of Doing it On Your Own

Unfortunately, it’s nearly impossible for the average, untrained person to know ahead of time how the flooring will really look or perform once it’s actually in the home. 

Here’s why:

Floor samples help a little, but those small squares that you lay on your floor look very different once they’re installed throughout your home. And you can’t tell from a sample if the product will meet your practical needs.


Your “Perfect Floor” Guide

That’s why partnering with a professional floor covering expert is critical. An experienced professional has seen thousands of completed floors. They know ahead of time how completed flooring will look and perform.

In other words, an experienced professional can help you select the floor covering best suited to:

  1. Meet your unique design needs
  2. Meet your unique practical needs

Unfortunately, some dealers (and most “Mega-Depot” stores) are only interested in making the sale. They have to find ways to cut costs, and all too often their salespeople lack the training, experience, and compassion necessary to ensure that your interior design and practical needs are truly met.

At Graham’s Flooring, we never let this happen to our clients. We have invested time, energy, and money in making sure our Flooring Consultants have the best training. 

We install flooring in Fort Collins, Loveland, Longmont, and everywhere in between! One of our experienced consultants will give you a Free Design Consultation. During the consultation, the consultant will ask you a series of questions that helps narrow the thousands of options to the one that will best meet your unique design and practical needs.


To schedule your Free Design Consultation, visit us here, call 970.612.0214, or come by the store at 451 N. Denver Ave., Loveland, CO 80537. You’ll be greeted with a warm smile, and we will be absolutely thrilled to help you!


For more information on How to Get the Perfect Floors for You and Your Family, download the guide here! You’ll also learn about how to make sure you have a dream-come-true experience, common misconceptions and mistakes, how to get an iron-clad warranty, tough questions to ask your floor dealer before buying, and four steps to get the floor of your dreams.


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