If you’re thinking about investing in new flooring, we are sure you are a little overwhelmed. How do you find a great flooring dealer? How do you ensure you’re going to get the floor of your dreams? Well, guess what? We’re here to help! It all comes down to taking steps to ensure your dealer is right for you and your flooring project. We encourage you to follow these four steps:  

Flooring dealer showing options.

Step #1—Make A Commitment To Find A Quality, Local Floor Covering Dealer  

Trying to find a floor covering dealer by hunting on the internet can be very problematic for two reasons. First, you could wind up with an unscrupulous dealer. Second, it’s almost impossible for the average consumer to keep abreast of the industry to a point where they can make informed flooring decisions.  

Instead of taking your chances on the world wide web, find a quality, local dealer that you can trust—a dealer with whom you feel completely comfortable sharing your interior design goals and information. Partner with them, and let them help you find the right floor covering. 

In spite of advertising you may have seen to the contrary, buying and installing flooring is very complicated. A competent flooring professional spends countless hours every year studying the market, researching new floor covering technologies, and expanding their education. A  knowledgeable, experienced flooring professional will know the right questions to ask and will know how to find the best possible floor covering for your unique situation.  

Step #2—List Your Objectives 

It is always important to know what you want. List the things you are looking for in a flooring dealer.

Are you simply looking for “cheap” dealers (discount, mega depot, bargain corral stores, or something you can find on the internet)? 

Or do you want: 

  • Competence
  • Experience
  • Professionalism
  • Advisement
  • Honesty
  • Solid reputation
  • Locally owned and operated

Are you willing to risk working with a company that simply offers a “cheap” price, knowing that they might not be in business tomorrow or may not honor their warranties? Make your list of objectives and then make sure the company you choose meets those standards.

And when you meet with that dealer, make sure to have your floor covering objectives written down as well: 

Step #3—Ask Questions 

The way to learn about a company is to ask specific questions and listen carefully to the answers. Make sure to write these down, too. You don’t want to miss anything! To start you off, here are five tough questions to ask a dealer before you agree to anything

1. Do you offer a guarantee that if I’m not happy with the flooring, you’ll replace it free? 
2. Do you have a lifetime warranty on all your installations? 
3. Do you offer “stain-proof” carpet?

Trick question! There are no warranties that guarantee carpets to be “stain-proof.” If the dealer says yes, they are either incompetent or dishonest. Find another dealer. 

4. Do you have a written guarantee that your quote is exactly what I’ll pay?

Unscrupulous dealers may give you a quote and then change the price at the last minute. If they won’t offer a written guarantee on their quotes, find another dealer.  

5. Can I see a list of references? 

This is probably the most important question. References are simply the only way you can tell ahead of time if you are working with an honest, competent dealer. If they balk or refuse—find another dealer.

Bonus Question: Can I see it in writing?

Make sure that everything that is claimed, promised, or quoted is PUT IN WRITING and that you have YOUR OWN COPY of it!

Female dealer shows flooring options to customers at Graham's Fort Collins.

STEP #4—Invite Them Into Your Home For An Exact Quote In Writing 

Once you’re satisfied that you’re working with a trustworthy, capable professional, invite them into your home and ask for a specific quote in writing. A written quotation gives you the assurance that you know exactly what your job will cost—no surprises. 

Now Go Get That Beautiful Flooring! 

If you simply want “cheap” price quotes that may not be reliable, many companies on the internet can help you. However, by following the four steps above, you’ll gain all the information you need to make an informed, intelligent decision, finding an honest, competent floor covering professional. Luckily, Graham’s Flooring & Design is just that!

How Can We Help?

We’d be happy to answer your questions without cost or obligation of any kind! Contact us today to get your Free Flooring Design Consultation or to just have your inquiries answered! Loveland and Fort Collins flooring is our business. We at Graham’s Flooring & Design take great pride in our reputation, competence, experience, and honesty, and we are always ready to make a new client’s flooring dreams come true!

We love to share our expertise. Please check out our blog to find more on mistakes to avoid when picking a floor covering store and how to care for your flooring once your project is over!