Higher ROI when you opt for the “facelift” instead of the full kitchen remodel

Everyone’s trying to sell their home in this crazy post- (mid?) pandemic world. Whether you’re looking for a nice ROI or just a refresh on your most used living space, there are some simple ways to update your kitchen that won’t break the bank but will make a noticeable (if not drastic) difference. 

No need to go for the full kitchen remodel! That can take months of planning and construction and tens of thousands of dollars out of your pocket. And if you are looking to turn around and sell, a major kitchen remodel only yields a 57.4% recoup, whereas a minor kitchen remodel yields a 72.2% recoup, according to Remodeling Magazine.

So, why waste time and money? We suggest trying a “kitchen facelift,” and here are our ideas!

Replace Cabinet Doors And Hardware 

Does Your Kitchen Need a Facelift?Cabinet and drawer doors and hardware can date your kitchen. It takes some labor, but it is an easy and inexpensive fix that will make your kitchen look completely different. While you’re at it, consider adding soft close hinges and sliders to the cabinets and drawers. And since you’re fixing the cabinets, why not organize what’s in them?



Fresh Coat Of Paint

Does Your Kitchen Need a Facelift?

If your cabinet doors are undamaged, you can refinish and paint them to look brand new! It requires a little extra elbow grease, but no one will know you didn’t just buy all new cabinetry. In addition, a fresh coat of paint on the walls is always a good idea. If you’re selling, white works well to brighten, making the area appear larger, and it goes with any accent color.

Add Trim Or Molding

Does Your Kitchen Need a Facelift?To immediately project a sense of craftsmanship and worth, install trim and molding throughout your kitchen. Crown molding above cabinets and trim in between give the impression of handcrafted built-ins. Not to mention, simply adding trim and molding can make it appear as though you purchased all new cabinetry.

Refresh The SinkDoes Your Kitchen Need a Facelift?

It is never a bad idea to refresh the grout around your sink. Not only is it good protection against leaks and mold, but it looks cleaner. Additionally, replace old faucets for an easy change that makes a huge difference in appearance and convenience. And, consider dropping in a new sink, if the old one is outdated. This is an especially good idea if you are installing new countertops!

New Countertops

Does Your Kitchen Need a Facelift?New countertops can change the entire feel of your kitchen and they instantly add to the appeal for a buyer. They aren’t as expensive as you’d think, and all of the newer surfaces are so easy to maintain. With many options—granite, quartz, marble, laminate, etc.—it’s best to have a trusted guide, experienced in Loveland and Fort Collins kitchen remodels, to help you choose; someone like our folks at Graham’s Flooring and Design

Add Or Replace A BacksplashDoes Your Kitchen Need a Facelift?

Yes, a dated backsplash can definitely impact the overall attractiveness of your kitchen! And if you don’t have one at all, it can make a fun statement while also being quite practical. Consider covering an entire wall in tile backsplash as a fashionable accent! Backsplashes are another thing our Fort Collins and Loveland kitchen remodeling experts can help you with.

New Flooring

Does Your Kitchen Need a Facelift?Updating your flooring will make a huge impression on any potential buyer, as well as add to your pride and comfort in your home. These days there are endless options for easily maintained, water-resistant, and beautiful flooring. In fact, hardwood, tile, luxury vinyl tile, and laminate are best for kitchen floor covering traffic. And luckily, our specialty is Fort Collins and Loveland flooring!

Update LightingDoes Your Kitchen Need a Facelift?

Lighting is a definite game-changer when it comes to updating your kitchen. This is your opportunity to upgrade for both function and fun. Under-cabinet lighting, a better light above the sink, or changing the tired old fixtures to something modern and gorgeous will all bring new life into the kitchen. Not to mention, brighter is better because it creates the illusion of space.

Extra Credit

Match your appliances! For a little extra money, coordinate your appliances to make the whole room look brand new. Stainless steel never seems to go out of style, and it’s easy to clean and maintain. But these days, several manufacturers offer luxury, color finishes if you want to add accent colors to your scheme.

Still on the “Facelift” Fence?

Either you’re looking to make sure you get your investment back when selling, or you’re looking to create a brand new space without gutting the current one and breaking the bank. In each case, the “kitchen facelift” is an exciting and simple way to achieve your goal!

And always know that your local Loveland and Fort Collins kitchen remodeling and flooring experts are here to help! Contact us at Graham’s Flooring & Design today for your free design consultation.

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