We were catching up on our Floor Covering News reading recently, and we just loved what Heidi Steele had to say about “Trends Shaping the Future of Flooring.” In fact, we wanted to make sure to share this with our readers and add a few thoughts of our own!

We’ll start by discussing our take on the classics, safety, and sustainability trends. Then, we’ve added two other trends that we see and love: wooden flooring going natural again and combining different types of flooring throughout the home or business. Let’s get started!


"The Classics" written over ancient greek flooring.

Steele asserts that there is “a return to classic, natural materials that grow more beautiful as their finely aging character develops over time.” And we totally agree! We’ll talk more about the resurgence of natural hardwood in a bit, but overall, flooring professionals and consumers alike love the classics. 

There is an ageless beauty in materials like natural stone, hardwood, ceramic & porcelain tiles, cork, and terrazzo. They are all quite ostentatious in their presentation as well, having an air of stately history.

In addition, these classics are all durable. They stand the test of time. Perhaps during these recent years of drastic and unexpected change, these tried and true, timeless materials bring a much-needed sense of comfort and reliability.


"Safety" written between construction safety tape.

Finally! Safety is at the forefront of our minds when designing and installing flooring in work and public spaces, as well as at home. “Safety should be a primary consideration as slip and falls are the leading category of lawsuits across commercial facilities of all types,” says Steele. Though we hope it is the well-being of the people that has drawn the focus to safety, rather than the costly lawsuits, the trend is good for us all.

Making an investment in safe flooring helps in the long run. Whether that is in a public space to avoid injury and lawsuits or at home to ensure the ability of you and your family to age in place. Safe flooring will outlast any other through its durability and effectiveness.


Glass marble, etched as a globe, in grass with "Sustainability" written above.

We, at Graham’s, do everything we can to reduce our impact on the environment, and it is such a relief to see that this trend is taking over the industry as a whole. Consumers are making themselves clear—they want flooring made out of sustainable materials and manufactured in a way that leaves a smaller footprint. And that is awesome because the demand changes the supply. 

“Among these clear truths, climate-positive floors are often at similar or sometimes even lower price points than their counterparts without third-party, eco-credentials.” – Heidi Steele, Floor Covering News

Expect to see more of those sustainable products like cork, bamboo, engineered or reclaimed hardwood, linoleum, and wool or polyethylene terephthalate (PET) carpet.


"Natural Hardwood" written over flooring from Fort Collins Grahams.

Hardwood floors are where it’s at. In fact, most flooring professionals opt for hardwood flooring. Consider the amazing ROI (118% cost recovery on new wood flooring), the classic beauty, and their longevity…but that’s not what we’re even talking about! 

A new, and as far as we’re concerned, gorgeous trend is to leave the wood natural. We are seeing a lot of people refinishing their floors to reveal that natural look or installing them without the stain. 

Wood floors are each so unique. People want to see the natural grain and color of the wood. The way the wood ages and changes reflects the natural progression of our lives. Wood has history, and these days, people want that reminder of theirs.


"Mix Your Flooring..." written by Graham's Fort Collins.

…tastefully. Open floor plans are still the most popular layout for homes. However, there’s no need to commit to one type of flooring throughout the entire main floor. It is very on-trend to move from floor type to floor type as you move from area to area in the home. 

Of course, it is important that the flooring types complement each other. Wood and stone are lovely for a natural look. Or for an artistic statement, mix parquet and ceramic tile. Just don’t be afraid to change flooring according to the decor or purpose of a space. 

Porcelain tile in an entryway can make way to hardwood in the hallways and great room, with ceramic tile in the kitchen, and carpet in the den. Make the transitions seamless or blend flooring types for a unique aesthetic.

The same goes for commercial areas—move from the entryway, to common areas, to offices, to the warehouse, clearly defining the different purpose of each through the flooring choice.

Remember, less is always more. Yet, don’t feel like you have to be tied to one flooring type per floor. 


The Future Is Now!

We hope that these new flooring trends inspire you. Perhaps they’ll even influence your next floor covering choices! Much thanks to Heidi Steele and Floor Covering News for their exciting article on the future of flooring. We’ve enjoyed sharing our thoughts and the trends we’ve seen as well.

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