2017 looks to be heading toward an interesting and evolving design path. Our Sales team had the privilege of attending The International Surface Event in Las Vegas, and here’s what they brought back!

The three big designer trends are carrying us forward with relevant colors, considered design, and key textures.
‘Rewired Humanity’ shows how we as humans are being rewired as we connect (and disconnect) from our devices and one another; the surfaces are moving toward soft touch textures, satin finishes to create a quiet glow, metallic and metallic washes over wood, and ‘smart’ (sustainable) materials. Color trends are yellow symbolizing growth and energy; warm greys bring contrast with hard metals and have a rustic urban aesthetic; electric and cobalt blue represent technology; and mid-range, muted orange representing all humanity. Concrete flooring and large – format tile (12” X 24” and even 36” X 36” tiles) would be materials in alignment with this trend.

‘Quietude’, a way to quiet the noise and stress of our busy days, the need to turn everything off and ‘have a moment’ to connect back to ourselves. The emerging materials are more rounded, smooth, and easy to maneuver around. Matte sheen, almost powdered, shimmering finishes and transparent or semi-transparent layering. While calming hues of soft white, muted greys, browns and beiges suggest skin seen through a veil. Misted blues and greens as nature emerging in the fog, yellow as pale as the first ray of morning sunshine, and subtle lilacs and rose tones take on mystic auras. Reclaimed wood flooring, cork, and hardwood all are representative of this softer side of flooring.

‘Rainbow Bright ‘displays our craving for motivation and excitement. As a beautiful demonstration from nature, rainbows introduce colors of joy, suggest youthful innocence, and a hint at a pot of gold waiting at the end. Surfaces are full of shine and polish, multiple textures, and layering materials. In the trending color palette is a rainbow spectrum of all colors, crisp whites add balance and brightness, turquoise representing a water element, and Gold metallic symbolizes forward thinking. Colors are not garishly bright, but remain cheerful. I think of cut-and- loop carpet in bold colors and patterns, also luxury vinyl providing the look of bold texture with photo imagery.

What to look for this year will be larger tiles, reclaimed wood and hardwood flooring, as well as more color/patterns in cut and loop carpet. For stairs think accent patterns that pop and provide focal points of interest!

Source: Mark Woodman (Design + Color)